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[OL] Ahlers of Varel
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[OL] Ahlers of Varel

[OL] Ahlers von Visbek/Vechta

Date: 2009/03/04 05:24:40
From: henry aalders <haalders(a)...

Cees ,herein a message originaaly received from Dan Macke in the USA.

Henk Aalders 

Good morning, Mr. Aalders, 

I received a quick answer from my acquaintance in Germany.  She looked into the archives at Vechta and found the following:

Henrich Ahlers married 23 November 1688 Anna Voet.  Witnesses Johan Meyer, Wernecke Foht.  St. Georg, Vechta.

In Visbeck she found the following entry:

Hinrich Alerß born 02 February 1653.  Heilecke Habermanß son Johan of Varnhorn, the godparents were Helmerich Hoberman and Heileke Alerß.

Then there was also the following connection:

26 November 1651 married Hinrich Alerß and Helena Hoberman.  Witnesses Alerdt Hagestede and Hinrich Fogelsank.

I am almost certain she is referring to Visbek which is just north of Vechta.  There is a Visbeck much farther to the south.  I have translated the information literally, exactly as I received it.  You will notice that spelling was a bit erratic back then.  The letter "ß" is an "s" sound.

I am curious as to how the Ahlers got to Australia.  Would you mind sharing some of the story with me?  If you are interested, I will tell you a little about the Ohio Ahlers story.  We may have some distant connection.  

I hope this has been of some help to you.

Dan Macke

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