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[OL] Bezeichnung im Sterberegister "Pistelen"
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Re: [OL] Bezeichnung im Sterberegister "Pistelen"

[OL] Osternburg Church Books - Von Oven marriage

Date: 2008/07/19 15:32:38
From: Faye & Kai <fairdinks(a)...

Moin List


Would anyone know if it is possible or have access to look at the original
Osternburg Verzeichnisbücher?


I have a photocopy of the microfiche record for the marriage of Carl von
OVEN in 1737 but the microfiche for this year is of very poor quality and I
can only read his name. It looks like he married in the month of August but
it could also be April and the date is also missing. His wife’s name is also


His wife’s name should be Gesche Maria and I would like to know what her
maiden name was. All of the children’s baptisms just have her name as being
Gesche Maria and no surname is mentioned.


Any help would be appreciated.


Schöne Grüße

Faye (Ammermann)

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