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2006/08/25 16:23:04
[OL] PSR61 & STA03
Datum 2006/08/25 19:34:55
Andrea Korbanka
[OL] Lesehilfe Kirchenbucheintrag
2006/08/25 16:23:04
[OL] PSR61 & STA03
Betreff 2006/08/26 17:12:24
Re: [OL] PSR61 & STA03
2006/08/11 01:27:46
Re: [OL] Holthaus
Autor 2006/08/26 17:16:32
Lothar Grafe
Re: [OL] PSR61 & STA03

Re: [OL] PSR61 & STA03

Date: 2006/08/25 16:36:22
From: Lothar Grafe <haesli2(a)...

Hi, Mr. Repking,

PSR61 = Personenschatzungsregister 1661
STA03 = status annimarum 1703

Best regards

Lothar Grafe

--- REPKINGRON(a)... wrote:

> In some records for St Gertrud Church in Lohne, I
> have seen references to  
> PSR61 and STA03.  Can anyone tell what they
> reference and are they  available?  
> Ronald J  Repking
> Flossmoor, Illinois
> Researching: B a h l   B a l l    B u k e d e n   C
> u i l m a n   D o l l e   
> F r y e   G e r  d e s   H a u b e n   H i l k e r 
> s   H o h l   J a e  g e 
> r   J e l m a n n   J o e c k e l   K u h l m a n   
> L a m m e r s   L u s t i 
> g   L u x   M e m i k e n    M e r c k e l   M e y e
> r   N e e h u e s   N i 
> e h a u s N i e m  a n n   N i e s s   P e t r i   P
> e t r y   P f o h l    R 
> e h l   R i l l R e p k i n g   R i e d t   R o o s 
>  S a  n d s c h e i p e r 
>   S c h e r e r   S c h o e n   S e i l e r  S e y l
> e r   S i e g e l   T h 
> o b e n   T h o e l e  U n f r i d   U n f r i t t  
> V e d d e r   V o r t m a 
> n  W i l i k e n
> Oldenburg-L mailing list
> Oldenburg-L(a)...

I am researching for; Grafe-Rensen-Thien-Nienaber-Kuhlmann-Bahlmann-Wesselmann-Westerkamp-Frye-Frieling-Grave-Klünemann-Hoyer-Averbeck-Jaspers-Vorwerk-Brinkmann-Ostendorf-Wübbelmann-(they all come from the area; Cloppenburg-Emstek-Molbergen-Vestrup-Bakum_Langförden)

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