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Re: [OL] Meyer-Holzgrefe in Bokern, Damme

Date: 2006/08/25 01:34:36
From: W. Fred Rump <fredrump(a)...

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I'm sorry. At the risk of offending the writer, this is all wrong.

My experience in reading the old records leads me to believe that
"Leibzucht" after a person's name meant he was the head of that farm.

He used to be the head of the farm but now his son would be in that position.

It was precisely the purpose of the Leibzucht to take care of the
oldsters without dumping them out in the woods. It also permitted the
heir to raise a family on the old homestead while still young enough
to do so.

Some of  the other
people dwelling on the farm were sons or descendants of a previous or
current owner, some were from other farms.

And they would be either in the position of Knecht, Magd or Heuermann.

I doubt that there were many cases of a farm 'owner' passing his farm to  his
son before he himself had died.

See above. That was the whole purpose of the system. Social welfare by
the state did not exist but society took care of its own family by
family. The Leibzucht usually had a small garden of its own for the
couple to tend to but their main sustenance came from the work of the
son or daughter to whom they had handed the farm. They did not just
sit on their duffs and helped as they could but people got old much
faster then today. Also, the old folks had honorary positions in
society and were looked up to by their young ones.


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