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Vince Rollman
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Wolfgang Rodiek
[OL] Gerdes, Lange
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[OL] Wilhelm gerdes
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Hermann Oltmanns
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Re: [OL] Wilhelm gerdes

Date: 2006/08/24 09:42:51
From: Heinz Wiemann <Heinz.Wiemann(a)...

Perhaps a little bit yet unknown information:

Addressregister of Bremen (1950):
Wilh. Gerdes, Lehrer, Am Burger See 36
Karl-Heinz Gerdes, B├╝roangestellter, Am Burger See 36

Kind Regards


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A relative we have only information about, does anyone have further on
any member of this family.  Born Dec. 12, 1880 at Leer. Died Jan 9, 1967
at Breman-Burg. Married Mathilde Folkerts form Westerholt.  He was
listed as Lehrer in Reepsholt, Iserlohn and Burg.
Children-Karl-Heinz born July  9,1908 in Iserlohn. Diplom-Math.  Married
Grete G. He died 1969 in Burg  :
Walter,born Sept 7,1911 in Breman. Flugkaptain.  Married Bridgette
Kruger from Freiburg in Breisgau. He was interned in Sweden we think or
was stationed there. Daughters May and Claudia. Claudia born at
Windhook, Afrika. After Walters death , Bridgette moved to Denzlingen
and later to Oldenburg;
Siegfried, Officer who was killed in Italy .  Thanks in advance.

Blessings, Gerald & Verneda

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