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[OL] Darenkamps of Nutteln, early 1700s

Date: 2006/08/17 09:25:48
From: Joe Atherton <buffys97(a)...

I have been researching my Darenkamp family in the Cloppenburg, Lankum, Krapendorf, Nutteln areas for many years and have hit a roadblock. Most of my work has been done using LDS film.
In the Status Animarum of 1750, (LDS microfilm 0896278) I found my Darenkamp family of Nutteln: Gerard, age 50 and Veronica, age 60. 
In 1770, I found burial notations of Gerard Darenkamp, age 68 on May 28 and Anna Darenkamp, age 77 the following day.  So there are two records which indicate my ancestor was born  in the early 1700s.   (LDS film 0909936)
Also in LDS microfilm 0909936, I found the baptism of a Gerard Darenkamp, from Nutteln, on February 12, 1702. His parents were listed given: Meinard Darenkamp and Anna (I can’t read the last name. Looks like Balman, but probably isn’t. It is on page 156, top left entry of this page).  

I can live with the ages being a few years off, but I have trouble with the discrepancy between "Veronica" given as the wife in the Status Animarum and "Anna" listed on the other two records. However,  in both instances, the wife is 10 years (or nearly so) older than the husband, so it is probably the same family -- I guess.
These church records of the early 1700s and late 1600s are difficult to read and they get harder the further back I go. Can anyone recommend another resource for me to continue searching for these ancestors? A professional genealogist is not an avenue I can afford right now, and besides, finding them myself is exciting. 
I’m convinced there is no connection at this time (early 1700s) between my family and the Darrenkamp (now Quatmann) family in Tenstedt. I have been in contact with them. There probably is a connection, but they haven’t found one and so far neither have I.  
Thanks, Buffy

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