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Date: 2006/08/12 17:02:11
From: gj.speckmann <gj.speckmann(a)...

Dear Readers,


In my search for my ancestors I have come to  confusing data can some of
your readers help me with this:


Hinrich Speckmann born in Oberlethe 16-12-1761, died 22-04-1842 in Oberlethe

Married  3-12-1794 in Wardenburg with Anna Catharine Hous, born in
Westerhold 23-04-1777, died 06-11-1819 in oberlethe


Son Johann Hinrich Speckmann borne 30-08-1799 died 22-10-1865

Married at 10-11-1824 in Wardenburg to  Catharine Sophere Wille born

Their doughter Catharine  Sophere Speckmann borne  20-03-1834 in Oberlethe,
died 13-05-1861 in Oberlethe

Married 26-08-1856 in Wardenburg  to Johann Berend Lienemann, born
05-05-1826 in Oberlethe, died 23-11-1908


Johann Berend Lienemann's parents were

Berend Lienemann born 30-12-1795, died 15-03-1828 married 30-04-1819 in
Wardenburg to Maria Catharine Neumann, born 19-12-1793, died 15-08-1856


The Grandparents of Johann Berend were

Berend Lienemann, born 23-08-1761, died 08-03-1805 married at 13-11-1794 to
Anna Marie Speckmann, born 24-02-1769, died 29-12-1807



The other data set:

Hinrich Speckmann born in Oberlethe 16-12-1761, died 22-04-1842 in Oberlethe

Married  with Maria Catharine Valenkamp

Son Johann Speckmann born 16-08-1808  Munderloh, Hatten , died 08-04-1881 in
Westerholt married 20-04-1829 in Wardenburg to Anna Catharine Wille, born
18-02-1805 in Achternholt, died 19-01-1875 in Westerholt


I am not sure about the relations and to who Hirich Speckmann was married

Thanks in advance for your reply


Gert-Jan Speckmann