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2006/08/02 18:46:16
Re: [OL] Bernhard Harfst am Grüppenbühren
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Richard Metteer
Re: [OL] Maas, Hans Christian
2006/08/26 18:34:09
Werner Honkomp
Re: [OL] Lohne PSR61 & STA03
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Richard Metteer
Re: [OL] Maas, Hans Christian
2006/08/02 18:46:16
Re: [OL] Bernhard Harfst am Grüppenbühren
Autor 2006/08/03 03:44:34
Hugo Schroeder
Re: [OL] Maas, Hans Christian

Re: [OL] Maas, Hans Christian

Date: 2006/08/02 20:40:03
From: Hugo Schroeder <hugoschro(a)...

Hi again--

Homestead in is Iowa County. Since the Amana Co is still an important industry (makers of refrigerators, etc.), you may find it on their website. Google Earth shows the location at 41 degrees, 45 minutes, 34. seconds North by 91 degrees 52 minutes, 01 seconds West. That should enable youto find it in the atlas. A road map should certainly show it, as it is a reasonable sized town. .

I'll see if I can find the more detailed informaion on the family. Since you ancestor settled in Nebraska, I'm sure they would have been related.


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Without further info on my side of the Maas family, I would not be able to
make the connection to the family you mentioned.  Researching the Maas
family name if like looking for Smith or Jones in the U.S.  Where is
Homstead, Nebraska located?  I couldn't find in an atlas.  I will write to
Manfred to see if he can help. Thank you for your reply and I will get back
to you if I find anything.
Richard Metteer
Lincoln, NE

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Hi Richard--

I have a Maas family in my datafile. John Henry (Johann Heinrich) Maas was
born 24 Nov. 1826 in the Grandduchy of Oldenburg; he died 3 Jun 1909 near
Homstead, Nebraska and is buried in the churchyard of St. John's Church
there. He immigrated I think in the middle of the 19th century, and worked
for the Amana Community in Homestead (though I don't think he was a member
of it).  Maas was the third husband of my gr-gr-grandmother, Caroline
Ruehrdans (who came from Mecklenburg-Schwerin), but he certainly had a wife
before her, by whom he had three daughters that I know of.  His family was
Lutheran, and originated on Hofstelle Lange in Buttel, Geimeinde
Neuenhuntorff, Duchy of Oldenburg.    He was following in the footsteps of
relatives who had come earlier, and whose migration to Nebraska is reported
somewhere on the Web, though at the moment I cannot find the file in which
this data is stored.  It is a very interesting story.  I have a picture of
this couple.

On a trip to Germany a few years ago I saw the homestead from which he came.
It still retains a great deal of it the old character, including the old

If this seems like the family you are searching, let me know, and I will
make a serious search to find all the data for you.

Thirty or so years ago I was in Homestead and looked at the phonebook there
for Maas families would could be relatives.  There was a whole page full.
You might want to try calling some of them to see if anyone has done a
thorough family history of the Maas family.

A person in Germany whom you might contact--he knows a lot about the Maas
family--is Manfred Moennich, 78 Parkstrasse, 27798 Hude, Germany. (Telephone
04408/1807).  Unfortunately, Manfred does not speak English, so unless you
speak German a phone call would not be of much help.  He is also not
computerized, so the letter must be sent snail mail.  It can be in either
English or German, as he has people who translate for him.  His hobby is
helping Americans trace their roots, so don't hesitate to write.  His area
of expertise would include the Neuenhuntorff area.  It's a lovely village,
and if this is your family, I have pictures of the village which may
interest you.

I'll be interested in hearing back.  You can email me direct at

Hugo Schroeder
Liverpool, PA

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Hans Christian Maas was born on June 12, 1830.  Married Carolina
Frederihe (born May 25, 1831).  Their son Hans Christopher married
Waqdalena Qieb.  Their son, Chis, was born in Oldenburg, Germany June 29,
1879.  He immigrated at age 16/17 to Nebraska, USA.  Any information
regarding this family is greatly appreciated.

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