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2005/03/10 11:34:47
Werner Honkomp
[OL] Brandkamp from Damme
Datum 2005/03/12 07:54:15
AKVZ (Peter Voß)
[OL] 3 neue Volkszählungen
2005/03/10 11:34:47
Werner Honkomp
[OL] Brandkamp from Damme
Betreff 2005/03/13 14:40:49
McEntee Tom
Re: [OL] Brandkamp from Damme
2005/03/17 20:44:56
axel hollmann
Re: [OL] " Seeking Information on Sassen."
Autor 2005/03/15 20:02:32
Bob Niehaus
Re: [OL] [AKVZ] 2 neue Volkszaehlungen - English translaton please

Re: [OL] Brandkamp from Damme

Date: 2005/03/10 23:19:45
From: Barbara Schroy <baschr(a)...

There is a Bernhard Brankamp, age 7, born in Germany living in the 10th ward of Cincinnati, OH in 1850 with Bernhard and Elizabeth Von Handorf and their children Bernhard (age 9) and Augustus (age 1).  Everyone was born in Germany except for Augustus.  That is the only name that I could find that was near you Bernard but this one would not have even been born in 1841 come to think of it.  Sorry.
St. Louis, MO

Werner Honkomp <werner(a)... wrote:
Hello Listmembers,
I search for Bernard Heinrich BRANDKAMP, emigrated to USA about 1841 from Damme-Rottinghausen.
Can somebody check the Census 1850?
Thank you, Werner Honkomp
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