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2004/11/24 08:00:32
Jens-Peter Schÿfffffctte
[OL] Telephone Directory
Datum 2004/11/24 12:15:53
Re: [OL] Telephone Directory
2004/11/24 12:15:53
Re: [OL] Telephone Directory
Betreff 2004/11/20 01:32:05
Linda Boorom
[OL] Vechta Photographie: George Schröder
2004/11/23 11:29:26
Re: [OL] RE: Niedermeyers in Ortenburg2
Autor 2004/11/21 17:49:17
Linda Bischoff
Re: [OL] Luken Beermann St.Louis

Re: [OL] Telephone Directory2

Date: 2004/11/24 10:14:56
From: Kumodoke <kumodoke(a)...

Hello Jens-Peter,

Thank you for the online telephone book.
And for this message here below too.

I have tried already to put in the name (and "misspellings" from the name),
but as always: no hits. The name I am looking for (Ezius, Esius Edsius etc)
does seem not existing.

This has already been the case with other searches. Maybe you or somebody
else  (I do not know for sure who mailed to me, I lost the mail)  said that
the name Ezius/Esius/Edsius etc. could have been formed out of  the
christian name Edses, Edzes etc. This could be indeed a reason of the
scarceness of this name.

But, I will keep this mail from you, and whenever I need a telephone
directory I will try this one on CD ROM.
Thank you very much

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From: "Jens-Peter Schÿfffffctte" <jpschuette28(a)...
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Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 8:00 AM
Subject: [OL] Telephone Directory

You wrote:
 The telephone directory, frequently used by me, is not online, as far as I
know. It is on a CD ROM
 (about 34 millions entries), produced/issued by  KlickTel
 Phone number (toll-free within Germany) 0800-99 11 200
web site

> Kumodoke <kumodoke(a)... wrote:
> Hello Jens Peter,
> Can you please give me the adress of this German National Telephone
> directory? Is it online?
> Thanks in advance
> Reina
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