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2004/11/21 14:35:49
Werner Honkomp
[OL] Luken Beermann St.Louis
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Werner Honkomp
[OL] Johann Heinrich Schmiesing family Ohio
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Werner Honkomp
[OL] Luken Beermann St.Louis
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Werner Honkomp
Re: [OL] Luken Beermann St.Louis
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Linda Bischoff
Re: [OL] Johann Heinrich Schmiesing family Ohio

Re: [OL] Luken Beermann St.Louis

Date: 2004/11/21 17:49:17
From: Linda Bischoff <lkbischoff(a)...

I cannot find them on the 1870 census, but I have found the following on the 1860 US census:

1860 Census, St. Louis County, Missouri, 3rd Ward of St. Louis City, 17 July 1860, page 251, beginning line 1:

Henry Luken, age 26, Male, Occupation: Dairyman, Value of Personal estate: $1,000; born Oldenburg
Margret Luken, age 22, Female, born Hanover
Regina Luken, age 2, Female, born Missouri
Busselens (Bersseleus?) Neihaus (Neihans?) age 24, Occupation: Teamster, Born Hanover
Herman Neihaus, age 22, Occupation: Laborer, born Hanover
Theresa Neihaus, age 60, no occupation, born Hanover
Theresa Neihaus, age 18, Servant, born Hanover

In the next household:

Tobias Broms, age 51, Male, Dairyman, Real estate value: $5000; personal estate value: $1500, born Hanover
Theresa Broms, age 43,Female, born Hanover
Maria Broms, age 18, female, born Hanover
Julia Broms, age 11, born Missouri
Henry Bierman, age 28, Male, occupation: Teamster, born Hanover
Bernard Snelt, age 25, Male, Occupation: Teamster, born Hanover
Bernard BremerKamp, age 48, Male, occupation: Teamster, born Hanover

On page 250, beginning line 18 (Could this be the parents of Margaret Luken above?)

Bernard Brinker, age 50, Male, Occupation: Dairyman, Real Estate Value: $5000, Pers est value $1000 born Hanover
Helen Brinker, age 40, Female, born Hanover
Bernard Bierman, age 23, Male, occupation: Teamster, born Prussia
Henry Draga, age 40, Male, Occupation: Teamster, born Brunswick
Henry Selman, age 30, Male, Occupation: Teamster, born Prussia
Havier Frick, age 16, Male, Occupation: Butcher apprentice, born Baden

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Subject: [OL] Luken Beermann St.Louis

Can somebody check the census at 1860 and 1870.

A person of Cloppenburg, Peheim (Oldenburg) searched for Heinrich/Hinrich/Henry Lüken or Luken and Carolina Luken of Peheim.
Emigrated 1850 via New Orleans to St.Louis. A document of 1875 shows:
The widow of Heinrich Lüken, Margaretha, nee Brinker, of St.Louis and her daughter Regina, married to Heinrich Beermann ....
Dated St.Louis, Missouri, December 1, 1875 by Consul Schulenberg
Where do lived this family in St.Louis? Live there today any Luken or Beermann descendants?

Thank you,
Werner Honkomp

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