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Re: [OL]Lutherans

Date: 2003/05/20 19:10:39
From: Fred Rump <fredrump(a)...

On 20 May 2003 at 10:05, UrAhne1(a)... wrote:

> Dear Listers,
> Sorry, hit the wrong key.
> In an early marriage record that I have from Dinklage it is noted that
> the man is Lutheran and that he was required to pay a tithe to the
> poor.  Would this same notation be made if the woman was Lutheran?

Tithing as such had nothing to do with religion. It was simply a tax 
attached to a property. Typically such fees were paid according to 
long held fiefs to the organization which held the real ownership of 
the land. Sometimes a property was assigned to pay fees for 
particular purposes such as in this case.


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