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2002/03/03 21:43:34
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[OL]Fehrenkamp Family
2002/03/03 14:05:02
Ralf Doersam
Re: [OL]Online map with Lankum & Crapendorf?
Betreff 2002/03/21 16:32:03
Barbara Schroy
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2002/03/02 22:59:13
W. Fred Rump
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W. Fred Rump
Re: [OL]Suedlohne Church Records

Re: [OL]Online map with Lankum & Crapendorf?

Date: 2002/03/04 07:52:04
From: W. Fred Rump <fredrump(a)...

On 3 Mar 2002 at 14:04, Ralf Doersam wrote:

> > I have "Michelin" and "Expedia." Neither show the
> > location of Lankum and Crapendorf, which are up near Cloppenburg.
> > Does anyone have a recommendation.
> > I know where they are -- I just can't find a map showing them.
> ===========================================================
> Hi Buffy,
> at online map of Cloppenburg
> please click 2 km south of Cloppenburg-center to see Lankum
> (half way to Sevelten).
> For Krampendorf, you might enter as "street":
> "Bitte geben Sie hier die gewünschte Strasse in Cloppenburg an":
> "Krapendorfer Kämpe" to see a location southwest of Cloppenburg-center.
> But it does not work this way with Krapendorf.

Krapendorf really doesn't exist anymore. There is a Gasthaus
named by the old name but otherwise it's all just
Cloppenburg now.


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