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2002/03/03 18:11:52
Re: [OL]Lunschen Ricklefs, Hartwarden
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W. Fred Rump
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2002/03/01 02:45:07
Re: [OL]Re:German Names
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betty krull
2002/03/03 18:11:52
Re: [OL]Lunschen Ricklefs, Hartwarden
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Re: [OL]Fehrenkamp Family

Re: [OL]Re:German Names

Date: 2002/03/03 21:43:34
From: FalkLiebe <FalkLiebe(a)...

Dear sir, 

Generally George and Gerhard are different first names. 
But I have often found that German Gerhards went to the USA and switched to 

There are 80 Brengelmann extensions listed in the German telephone directory.

I would reckon they do originate from the northern Osnabrueck area (a guess !). 

Sincerely yours 

Falk Liebezeit

KennettW(a)... schrieb:
> Hi List Members,
> I have the death certificates of my great grandfather who died in Cincinnati, 
> Ohio.  It states that his parents were George Brengelman and mother was Anna 
> Muller, Hanover, Germany.  I also have a death certificate of Sophia 
> Brengelman Geselbracht that states her parents were Gerhard Brengelman and 
> Anna Muller, Oldenburg, Germany.  She and her husband are buried on the same 
> lot with the Brengelman family.  I have wondered if she is a sister to my 
> great grandfather.  
> Is the name Gerhard the same as George?
> Thanks Kennett
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