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2002/03/02 22:59:09
W. Fred Rump
Re: [OL]Use of the word "genant."
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Re: [OL]Use of the word "genant."
2002/03/02 15:31:44
Re: [OL]Re:Brengelmann
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Peter Stuntebeck
2002/03/02 22:59:09
W. Fred Rump
Re: [OL]Use of the word "genant."
Autor 2002/03/04 07:52:04
W. Fred Rump
Re: [OL]Online map with Lankum & Crapendorf?

Re: [OL]Re:Brengelmann

Date: 2002/03/02 22:59:13
From: W. Fred Rump <fredrump(a)...

On 2 Mar 2002 at 9:31, KennettW(a)... wrote:

> Fred,
> I do not know the faith of my great grandparents.  I do know that Mary's 
> father's parents, Frederich W. Geselbracht, were from Lengerich, Germany. 
> Emigrated to the Cincinnati area 1848.  Mary was born in Ohio.  

I believe Lengerich was in Tecklenburg and more then likely 
Lutheran. The RC Church was very much against mixed 
marriages and often the result was a marriage in a 
Protestant church were the rules were more relaxed. If a 
priest was going sanctify the marriage he was would have 
insisted on both parents guaranteeing that any children 
would be brought up RC. That rule is still in effect. To 
circumvent it people sometimes simply switched. 


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