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2002/03/01 04:53:01
Bob Fathman
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Re: [OL]Wendt
2002/03/01 03:14:47
Re: [OL]Re:Brengelmann
Betreff 2002/03/02 15:31:44
Re: [OL]Re:Brengelmann
2002/03/06 15:19:46
[OL]zu Hoene
Autor 2002/03/02 22:59:09
W. Fred Rump
Re: [OL]Use of the word "genant."

Re: [OL]Re:Brengelmann

Date: 2002/03/01 05:04:20
From: W. Fred Rump <fredrump(a)...

On 28 Feb 2002 at 21:14, KennettW(a)... wrote:

> I do not believe my Brengelman's were of the Catholic faith.  They were
> married 1876 in Cincinnati, Ohio at St. Matthaeus Evangelical Church.
> Kennett

Strange, strange. I know of the family in Essen/Oldbg but
there are no Lutherans in the bunch. They exist in the
Oldenburger Münsterland and those are the folks who also
settled in Cincinnati or the Ohio valley. I wonder if your folks
switched. Was the bride of Lutheran background?


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