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dick scott
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[OL]Searching for genealogy info-Edo Iken Hinrichs
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Re: [OL]Laverentz
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Re: [OL]Laverentz
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Werner Honkomp
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Werner Honkomp
Re: [OL]Searching for genealogy info-Edo Iken Hinrichs

Re: [OL]Laverentz

Date: 2001/03/05 20:45:43
From: Werner Honkomp <Werner.Honkomp(a)...

We have not a place Friesenmoor, only Friesendorf or Friesenwerderdorf.

The german phone directory shows 13 Laverentz, most around Butjadingen county, westerly of Bremerhaven. Places are Sande, Butjadingen, Hude (more to Oldenburg) and Loxstedt (south of Bremerhaven). Check this:


> Does anyone have knowledge of Heinrich Laverentz, John Laverentz, Helene
> Laverentz, Gustav Laverentz, or Friederich Laverentz who left Oldenburg
> for
> America during the period 1859  to 1884?  They may have lived in the
> community of Friesenmoor.  I am a  grandson of Gustav Laverentz living in
> Kansas USA.

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