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2000/11/26 17:36:15
Frank Bruns
Re: AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek (Lutten)
Datum 2000/11/26 21:19:56
Hubert Bomas
AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek
2000/11/14 16:06:00
cc friesland
[OL]OSB Hesel
Betreff 2000/11/26 05:52:03
W. Fred Rump
[OL]Re: Question about Oythe
2000/11/27 02:37:27
Alfons Santen
[OL]e-groep Overijssel
Autor 2000/11/19 22:45:06
Arthur Tabeling
[OL]Johann Tabeling

[OL]Oythe and nearby church records

Date: 2000/11/26 20:25:40
From: APUND <APUND(a)...

The film number to use to order from the LDS the film that has the Oythe
(Vechta) births, deaths, and marriages from 1653-1875 is 0896395.

The Visbeck films are 0909905 and 0909906.

The film 0909900 covers Vechta 1642- 1809. I can only guess that the next
number for the rest is 0909910. These numbers can be checked on line at the site or at the Family History Center where you order them
(in the US or Canada).
Nancy Pundsack