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2000/11/26 16:56:41
Franz-Josef Meyer
AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek (Lutten)
Datum 2000/11/26 20:25:40
[OL]Oythe and nearby church records
2000/11/26 16:56:41
Franz-Josef Meyer
AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek (Lutten)
Betreff 2000/11/30 21:40:43
Re: AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek (Lutten)
2000/11/25 23:46:14
Frank Bruns
Re: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek
Autor 2000/11/27 00:27:19
Frank Bruns
Re: [OL]Herbert Bruns of Oythe

Re: AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek (Lutten)

Date: 2000/11/26 17:36:15
From: Frank Bruns <Bruns(a)...

Franz-Josef --
Thank you for your reply. I will certainly keep Lutten in mind as I research. I will also watch for a Meyer connection as I look!

Franz-Josef Meyer wrote:

Hello, Frank

in my ancestry I have a family BRUNS in Lutten which is in the direct
neighbourhood of Visbek.
I have a Johann Bruns with 4 sons who - according to the time frame - all
could have been your GGG Grandfather.
My ancestor was one of his daughters, therefore I have not researched the
descendants of her brothers.
Unfortunately no one with the name "Arnold"!
I just wanted to say, don't forget of LUTTEN in your research!


Franz-Josef Meyer

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Betreff: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek

To All --

   I am new to this, so please forgive me if I ask too much.

   I am looking for connections is Germany to my GG Grandfather  -
Arnold Bruns. We know that Arnold was born  December 9, 1844 and was the
son of Herbert and Bernadine (Steva) sp? Bruns. Herbert died and
Bernadine later married a Koch. Arnold listed his town of birth as "A??t
Vachta" on at least two documents. We believe that this was his English
spelling of Vechta. Could the A??t be "near by" or "close to" or
something of that nature? He also listed his last residence in Germany
as Vishbech. We assume this is Visbek. Since one of his children said he
was from Oldenberg and he sailed for the United States from Bremenhaven,
we believe we have the correct locations.

   I would like to locate records of his family in Germany. Do
birth/death/marriage  records exist in the region? Where would they be
located? Arnold was a Catholic. Would churches in the region keep
records? I will be traveling to the region next fall, but do not speak
the German language. Are there English speaking resources in the region?

           Frank Bruns

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