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2000/11/26 15:23:24
W. Fred Rump
Re: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek
Datum 2000/11/26 17:36:15
Frank Bruns
Re: AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek (Lutten)
2000/11/26 21:19:56
Hubert Bomas
AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek
Betreff 2000/11/26 17:36:15
Frank Bruns
Re: AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek (Lutten)
2000/11/06 20:59:26
Frank Giere
Re: Re: [OL]List of inhabitants in office Vechta from 1568
Autor 2000/11/16 15:00:29
[OL]Hoepken in Wardenburg

AW: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek (Lutten)

Date: 2000/11/26 16:56:41
From: Franz-Josef Meyer <franz-josef.meyer(a)...

Hello, Frank

in my ancestry I have a family BRUNS in Lutten which is in the direct
neighbourhood of Visbek.
I have a Johann Bruns with 4 sons who - according to the time frame - all
could have been your GGG Grandfather.
My ancestor was one of his daughters, therefore I have not researched the
descendants of her brothers.
Unfortunately no one with the name "Arnold"!
I just wanted to say, don't forget of LUTTEN in your research!


Franz-Josef Meyer

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> Betreff: [OL]Bruns in Vechta or Visbek
> To All --
>    I am new to this, so please forgive me if I ask too much.
>    I am looking for connections is Germany to my GG Grandfather  -
> Arnold Bruns. We know that Arnold was born  December 9, 1844 and was the
> son of Herbert and Bernadine (Steva) sp? Bruns. Herbert died and
> Bernadine later married a Koch. Arnold listed his town of birth as "A??t
> Vachta" on at least two documents. We believe that this was his English
> spelling of Vechta. Could the A??t be "near by" or "close to" or
> something of that nature? He also listed his last residence in Germany
> as Vishbech. We assume this is Visbek. Since one of his children said he
> was from Oldenberg and he sailed for the United States from Bremenhaven,
> we believe we have the correct locations.
>    I would like to locate records of his family in Germany. Do
> birth/death/marriage  records exist in the region? Where would they be
> located? Arnold was a Catholic. Would churches in the region keep
> records? I will be traveling to the region next fall, but do not speak
> the German language. Are there English speaking resources in the region?
>            Frank Bruns
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