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2000/10/18 22:46:38
[OL]Abentrod,Abendroth,Abendrot, Jakubiak,Cybulska, Onminski
Datum 2000/10/19 16:11:21
Re: [OL]Abentrod,Abendroth,Abendrot, Jakubiak,Cybulska, Onminski
2000/10/18 22:46:38
[OL]Abentrod,Abendroth,Abendrot, Jakubiak,Cybulska, Onminski
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Re: [OL]Abentrod,Abendroth,Abendrot, Jakubiak,Cybulska, Onminski
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RE: [OL]Abentrod,Abendroth,Abendrot, Jakubiak,Cybulska, Onminski

Date: 2000/10/19 09:37:48
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Cathy, there is a lawyer Abendroth here in Amsterdam whom I have worked
with. Is it worth sending his adress to you?

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Subject: [OL]Abentrod,Abendroth,Abendrot, Jakubiak,Cybulska, Onminski

I am searching for the surnames above in the subject line. My gggrandfather
John Abentrod married Josephine (Onminski??). I do not know if they were
married over there or in the US, I believe John died between 1874-1880. We
are not exactly sure when they came over to the U.S.A. They got a homestead
in Michigan.
John had to renounce the King of Prussia, and Josephine the Empuror of ???
can't not read it?.
John's daughter's listed their maiden names as Cybulska/Sibulski.
I do know they lived in Michigan in 1874, so would have had to come over
before then. I believe they came through Castle Garden in New York.
I can't find any ship names ect. but the LDS has the surname of Abentrod in
Oldenburg in the 1600's. any help would be great,
thank you for your time,
Cathy Obeshaw

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