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2000/10/13 16:35:06
[OL]Schroeder - Damme>Cincinnati
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Bernard Dahlem
2000/10/13 15:46:46
[OL]Vechta emigrants
Betreff 2000/10/14 15:00:55
Re: [OL]Vechta emigrants
2000/10/13 16:35:06
[OL]Schroeder - Damme>Cincinnati
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[OL]Hillers & Fritsch, from Oldenburg, 1866

Re: [OL]Vechta Emigrants

Date: 2000/10/13 17:09:54
From: Bkercher <Bkercher(a)...

Hi Diane,
I strongly suggest you visit your local LDS Family History Center (Listed in 
the phonebook under Churches - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) 
and order film #0909901 which has baptisms 1810-1854, marriages 1810-1857, 
plus some 1st communion records.  Also film # 0909900 baptisms, marriages, 
and death records for various stretches of time between 1642-1809.  Film 
rental is $3.25 for short term loan, or $9.75 for permanent loan. This will 
be a gold mine for you! 

I have researched church records from Vechta for surnames Hülskamp and 

I can possibly do some lookups for you next week to verify your people are 
there.  Do you have any more names and/or dates?

Bryan Kercher

In a message dated 10/12/2000 4:48:55 AM Central Daylight Time, 
Deshotton(a)... writes:
>  I am new to this list and would like to know if there is a source for a 
>  of emmigrants from Vechta to the US.  I am searching for the year 1837 and 
>  the name is Kordenbrock.
>  Any help would be appreciated.
>  Diane Shotton
>  Phoenix, Arizona, USA