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2010/03/13 14:10:44
Rolf Schulenburg
Re: [HN] Wo kann ich die KB von Peine einsehen?
Datum 2010/03/14 15:16:50
Klaus Riecken
Re: [HN] [FamNord] VZ1819 Fürstenthum Lübeck , Peter Voß, AKVZ
2010/03/13 12:48:43
Stefan Beate
Re: [HN] Searching for my father Rudolf Petzold (any data)
Betreff 2010/03/14 22:37:04
Rudolf Petzolt
Re: [HN] Searching for my father Rudolf Petzold (any data)
2010/03/07 07:42:52
F.u.P. Hestermann
Re: [HN] Family Information
Autor 2010/03/26 01:46:07
Frank Haude
[HN] NIEMEYER / EHLERS in Rodewald

Re: [HN] Searching for my father Rudolf Petzold (any data)

Date: 2010/03/13 15:16:59
From: Falk Liebezeit <falkliebe(a)...

Hei Rudolf,

Nordstemmen er i forhenværende krets Alfeld som ble slått sammen med krets Hildesheim.

I Hildesheim har de et kretsarkiv

Landkreis Hildesheim,
Bischof-Janssen-Str. 31
31132 Hildesheim

Epost kreisarchiv (alfakroell) landkreishildesheim (dot) de

De skulle ha

alle foedselsregister foer 1900
alle bryllupsregister foer 1930
alle doedsregister foer 1980

for Nordstemmen

byen Alfeld har et eget arkiv med tilsvarende materiale:

Stadtarchiv Alfeld
Seminarstr.  26
31061 Alfeld (Leine)

Epost museum (dot) alfeld (alfakroell)

Byen Northeim:

Scharnhorstplatz 1
37154 Northeim

Epost just (alfakroell) northeim (dot) de

De andre tips fra Stefan var jo utmerket.


Falk Liebezeit

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Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2010 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: [HN] Searching for my father Rudolf Petzold (any data)

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for your answer.

As registered in Northeim the place where he died was Nordstemmen. I do
not know if he lived there.

How can I get the data from the archives?
Do I have to write or can I search by Internet?
How about identification to get the data?

I do not know exactly how to write it in English but I can try:
He tried to state by law in Norway that he was my real father (about
1948), and that he did. Then his address was Alfeld(Leine), Hildesheim.


Bergen, Norway

fr., 12.03.2010 kl. 15.04 +0100, skrev Stefan Beate:
Hello Rudolf,

while I do not have any relevant Data for you, I´m wondering about the
fact that he died in Nordstemmen, and was registered in Northeim. Did he
live in Northeim?
Anyway, if he died in Nordstemmen, Data should be available there:

Gemeinde Nordstemmen
Rathausstr. 3
31171 Nordstemmen

And old records might be available here:

Stadt Northeim
Am Münster 30
37154 Northeim

It might be that the data you are looking for are in the archives
already, but I guess that these offices know where the data is kept and
perhaps can send your inquiry there.

What are his links to Hildesheim and Alfeld? maybe I could help somehow,
given that I live in Hildesheim.


Stefan Beate

> Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 00:41:16 +0100
> From: Rudolf Petzolt<petzolt(a)...
> Subject: [HN] Searching for my father Rudolf Petzold (any data)
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> Hello
> I am searching for my father Rudolf Petzold (anything about him).
> Born: 17.02.1920
> Soldier in Bergen, Norway, 1945.
> Dead: 22.03.1953 in Nordstemmen; registered in Einwohnermeldeamt in
> Northeim.
> Other places that is linked to him is Hildesheim and Alfeld(Leine).
> All places in Niedersachsen, Germany.
> sincerely
> Rudolf Petzolt
> Bergen, Norway.

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