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2010/03/09 00:04:05
Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe - Carole
Datum 2010/03/09 04:06:18
Carole Townsend
Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe - Carole
2010/03/08 02:30:24
Carole Townsend
Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe
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Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe - Carole
2010/03/07 01:58:02
Barbara Stewart
Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe
Autor 2010/03/16 10:17:42
Bernd H. Siebert
Re: [HN] Gewehrfabrikant Wilhelm Hammer, Herzberg

Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe

Date: 2010/03/09 03:34:43
From: Barbara Stewart <raybarbara(a)...

If you look at the German Phonebook http://, you will find the name of Dierking in a number of places east of Nienburg. Some are Steimbke, Rodewald, etc. There are 3 names for Bergmann at Steimbke. It appears that there are a number of people with those names.

       In the Niedersachsen archives site,  I found this:

1. Dierking, Anna Marie, Nienburg 5. Dierking, August Wilhelm Heinrich (geb. 11. 08. 1887 Rodewald/obere Bauerschaft) 7. Amerika 8. 190510. gegen den Sohn nklageschrift wegen Verletzung der Wehrpflicht eingereicht: 29. 06. 1910

Also this: 1. Dierking, August Wilhelm Heinrich, zuletzt in Nienburg gewesen 2. 11. 08. 1887, Rodewald 8. Anklageschrift wegen Verletzung der Militärpflicht eingereicht: 02. 12. 1910

I came across those items by using the words " dierking nienburg" If you use different words of course, you will get different data.

I just saw that Gernot may have the information you need. Let us know!


On Mar 7, 2010, at 5:30 PM, Carole Townsend wrote:

	The names of the families I am searching for are Dierking and
Bergmann. I will check out your reference web site and see if I can find
anything. Someone else said it was near Steimbke.


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Hello Carole,

          I have a great German Autoatlas and I can't find Wedem Amt
Wolpe or anything similar. What is the surname of the family? That
would be helpful.
Have you tried this:
  There is a box (suchen)
where you can write your family name there and you may find where
they lived. It is in German but you can use online translators like

Good luck,

On Mar 6, 2010, at 7:20 AM, Carole Townsend wrote:

 Wedem Amt


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