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2010/03/08 02:30:24
Carole Townsend
Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe
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Uschi Boes
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2010/03/07 19:59:45
Mark Swanson
Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte
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Erika Trueman
Re: [HN] Hannover-L Nachrichtensammlung, Band 66, Eintrag 10
2010/03/08 02:30:24
Carole Townsend
Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe
Autor 2010/03/09 04:06:18
Carole Townsend
Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe - Carole

Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte

Date: 2010/03/08 03:35:40
From: Carole Townsend <cotowns(a)...

Someone suggested that I list the surnames and towns I am looking for when I
go to Germany, so I will do so. Where know, I have also added date of
immigration to the USA. All these German immigrants settled in DuPage County
Illinois, or in Chicago Illinois. If anyone has any information on these
surnames, please let me know. I do have exact birthdates, but just curious I
anyone might have knowledge of these surnames in the village listed.

Joachim Heinrich Friedrich Oetke: Ostedt April 1883

Dorothea Weidler: Gerdau April 1883

Wilhelm Neddermey(i)er: Erichshagen July 1848

Wilhelmine Dorothea Marie Ebeling: Landesbergen, Nienburg Could be the same
as Neddermeyer, but we are not sure

Heinrich Daniel Johann Fiene: Rodewald July 1847

Catherine Marie Louise Kruse: Stoeckse around 1847


Heinrich Friedrich Konrad Ebeling: Pegesdorf - July 1850	

Friedricke Wilhelmine Caroline Lindemann: Lodingsen - not sure but before

Wilhelm Dierking and Wilhelmine  Bergmann: Wedem Amt Wolpe both about 1859

Herman Friedrich Benninger: Rodewald - either 1865 or 1867

Maria Westendorf: Spriehusen (Mecklenburg) Between 1864 and 1867

Thanks so much for the many responses - it is wonderful to be able to talk
with others.


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Subject: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte

Guten Morgen,

            I apologize for posting this in English, but my German I very

            I am going to Hannover in late April for the purpose of doing
genealogy research. I would like to go to the state archives in Hannover and
to the archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.


            Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do ahead of
time? Do I need to make an appointment at either place? Can I find somewhere
a list of what each facility contains? Will I be able to view the original
records - do they use microfilm for viewing the records? I want to make sure
to make maximum use of my time there. 


            I have located all my ancestral villages, and will also be
making trips to them during my stay. I am trying to find contacts for all
these churches before I go as well.


            Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.