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2010/03/06 19:32:53
Paul Scheele
Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte
Datum 2010/03/06 20:48:36
Stefan Beate
Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte
2010/03/06 16:20:05
Carole Townsend
[HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe
Betreff 2010/03/06 21:28:40
Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe
2010/03/26 01:46:07
Frank Haude
[HN] NIEMEYER / EHLERS in Rodewald
Autor 2010/03/07 01:55:37
Re: [HN] Family Information

Re: [HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe

Date: 2010/03/06 19:41:41
From: gale <gale(a)...

   Hi Carole:
   If you don't know the location of the town you are looking for, a blind
   search for records may not be productive, even if you are in Hannover.
   Another thing is spelling.  First, are you pronouncing the first "e" in
    Wedem as a long "e"?  If so it is probably spelled Wiedem.  The Wolpe
   is probably Wölpe with the umlaut.
   The only reference to Wölpe, which I find is just northeast of
   Nienburg.  A street named Celler seems to run continiously through both
   towns.  Actually they are part of the same metropolition area.  That is
   if the Wölpe I am looking at is a town and not a stream or a park,
   etc.  Someone else on this List can confirm or disprove it.
   If Wölpe is a town, would then want to check with the LDS/Family
   History Center. as they have lots of information on Nienburg.
   [2]Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Nienburg - Cemeteries
   [3]Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Nienburg - Census
   [4]Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Nienburg - Directories
   [5]Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Nienburg - Genealogy
   [6]Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Nienburg - Land and property
   [7]Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Nienburg - Military records
   [8]Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Nienburg - Naturalization and
   [9]Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Nienburg - Population
   [10]Germany, Preußen, Hannover, Nienburg - Taxation
   I should probably start looking at these films myself, as my GF was
   from Anderten about 8 miles northeast of there.  I never really thought
   about Nienburg as a source of information as Anderten was an Amt of
   Hoya.  I, like Max would be interested in your genealogy search
   adventures in Germany.
   Gale Bösche

   On Mar 6, 2010, Carole Townsend <cotowns(a)... wrote:

     Ha anyone run across a reference to an old German town called Wedem
     Wolpe. I have records from a church in Bensenville Illinois that
     this is
     where 2 of my ancestors were born.
     Hannover-L mailing list


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