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2010/03/06 16:40:39
Max Burgdorf
Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte
Datum 2010/03/06 19:32:53
Paul Scheele
Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte
2010/03/06 16:40:39
Max Burgdorf
Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte
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Paul Scheele
Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte
2010/03/10 20:52:51
Tobias A. Kemper
[HN] Achaz Rudolf BOSSE in Clausthal
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Uschi Boes
[HN] Gross Lobke, Muellingen, Wehmingen, Ingeln, Hohenhameln

Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte

Date: 2010/03/06 18:56:55
From: tyke <tyke60(a)...

It seems like the LDS never copied records from the Lutheran churches in the Hannover area.  

My great grandfather Louis BUELTEMAN was born in Hohenhameln, southeast of Hannover.  It took a friend of mine from Germany to contact the church minister with the information that I had about his birthday to find his birth record..apparently he was born with the name of Karl Heinrich Louis BUELTEMAN.  I went back on the LDS site and still could not find him..I do believe that if the did ever copy the records that they never put them on the internet.

If you do have some information and a LDS library near you ask them for the IGI for the area you want with the names you want..sometimes that is more informative.

Donna M.
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  Carole, I have no direct answers to your questions but I have a
  request. After your visit will you post a message relating to your
  visit especially the addresses of where you obtained your
  information. I am at a complete deadend in my search for Julius
  Wilhelm Burgdorf who says he was born in Hildesheim in Hannover.about
  1827. Searches of LDS church and census records have proved futile.
  Are you traveling from America? My daughter visited Hildesheim about
  3-4 years ago but spent only one day mainly visiting villages to the
  east of Hildesheim. Have a wonderful trip and good luck in your


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   On Sat 03/06/10 10:17 AM , "Carole Townsend"
  cotowns(a)... sent:
    Guten Morgen,
   I apologize for posting this in English, but my German I very
   I am going to Hannover in late April for the purpose of doing
   genealogy research. I would like to go to the state archives in
  Hannover and
   to the archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
   Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do ahead of
   time? Do I need to make an appointment at either place? Can I find
   a list of what each facility contains? Will I be able to view the
   records - do they use microfilm for viewing the records? I want to
  make sure
   to make maximum use of my time there. 
   I have located all my ancestral villages, and will also be
   making trips to them during my stay. I am trying to find contacts
  for all
   these churches before I go as well.
   Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
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