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2010/03/06 15:19:56
[HN] Jüdische Fiedhöfe u. mehr
Datum 2010/03/06 16:20:05
Carole Townsend
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2010/03/28 11:10:42
Re: [HN] Hamburg Altona - Magazin 700 Jahre Ottensen
Betreff 2010/03/06 16:40:39
Max Burgdorf
Re: [HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte
2010/03/05 05:06:39
C. Haupt
[HN] Danksagung
Autor 2010/03/06 16:20:05
Carole Townsend
[HN] Wedem Amt Wolpe

[HN] Hannover Archives help Bitte

Date: 2010/03/06 16:17:57
From: Carole Townsend <cotowns(a)...

Guten Morgen,

            I apologize for posting this in English, but my German I very

            I am going to Hannover in late April for the purpose of doing
genealogy research. I would like to go to the state archives in Hannover and
to the archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.


            Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do ahead of
time? Do I need to make an appointment at either place? Can I find somewhere
a list of what each facility contains? Will I be able to view the original
records - do they use microfilm for viewing the records? I want to make sure
to make maximum use of my time there. 


            I have located all my ancestral villages, and will also be
making trips to them during my stay. I am trying to find contacts for all
these churches before I go as well.


            Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.