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2009/07/21 12:35:11
Uschi Boes
[HN] Moulin, Solling, Holst Ahnenforschung
Datum 2009/07/21 18:03:08
Re: [HN] look up request. Casualty of war
2009/07/04 06:34:26
Klaus Riecken
[HN] alte Karten
Betreff 2009/07/21 18:03:08
Re: [HN] look up request. Casualty of war
2009/07/07 19:53:29
jo meyer
[HN] Soltau, Judith Gray
Autor 2009/07/22 21:25:14
jo meyer
[HN] Wilhelm Meyer born geb. 1843 Eichdorf typhus fever at some point. 1870- 1871 records.

[HN] look up request. Casualty of war

Date: 2009/07/21 14:17:56
From: jo meyer <gengeeheide(a)...

 I just discovered that under the deluxe membership they offer German war casualties categorie.  I recently went down a notch in my membership.  And now I discover they offer that category.  I was wondering if anyone could look this up for me.


My Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer was born 7.oct.1843 Eichdorf  babtised Dahlenburg or Nahrendorf church of Germany. In 1845 his family moved to Oldendorf byDahrendorf. His father owned  land and then worked as a park warden at Roethen. [ Dannenberg] Which is the Goehrde forest area. He was in military. - denmark war, austrian war and Franco Prussian war. He was taken prisoner  december 24, 1870. and was prisoner at Metz.  He came down with  TYPHUS OR typhoid,  but survived.


I do not know if he had typhoid when he was taken prisoner or if he got it while in prison at Metz.


I am sure then he was written up by  the english Red cross. Would this put him in the casualty list at ancestry.


I think he was fifth or sixth captain of infantry five or six. and his regiment was somewhere between 124-129th.Coming from Oldendorf as residence.


Or maybe he would have had to die in order to be on that list?. 

What do you think. Can anyone help me find him on any list like that?

Jo Meyer

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