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[HN] Heinrich WICHERN und Margarethe SPARK aus Hannover
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[HN] Soltau, Judith Gray
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[HN] Lichtendahl Family in Hannover................
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Uschi Boes
[HN] Moulin, Solling, Holst Ahnenforschung
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Barbara Stewart
[HN] Lichtendahl Family in Hannover................
Autor 2009/07/13 02:39:06
Barbara Stewart
Re: [HN] Krumwiede und Schulte Kinder nach 1797

Re: [HN] Lichtendahl Family in Hannover................

Date: 2009/07/06 07:37:45
From: Barbara Stewart <raybarbara(a)...

Hello Richard,

    I lived in a small town in Nebraska when I was young and there was a St.
Boniface church in another town not far from us. Your family was certainly
devoted and skilled in Quincy.

    You know well that there are not a large number of Lichtentahl in
Germany.  Since your people were Catholic, there's a chance that they may
have lived in Südlohn (by Lohne). That is on the list from towns that were
listed in the German phone book list for Lichtendahl today. There were a
number of Catholics in Oldenburg. If you can get to a LDS center, you could
be able to get the records there:

Germany, Oldenburg, Lohne
Germany, Oldenburg, Lohne - Church records
Germany, Oldenburg, Lohne - Genealogy

   I haven't been able to find very much information about the Lichtentahl
name. I'll do some more work on it.

Good luck,

> Hello Barbara,
>                    The  entire Lichtendahl family was devout Catholic. In fact
> Johannem was a very skilled craftsman/contractor in Quincy. He built the
> extremely tall steeple on the St. Boniface Cathedral there in 1852.
>  I'm including below, an article from the St.Boniface Diamond Juballee archive
> book.
> In the fall of 1851 the illustrious Father Weninger, styled
> "The Apostle of the German Catholics of America," was called
> upon to hold a mission at St. Boniface, which lasted from Nov.
> 17th-24th, and during which over 1,400 people received the sacra-
> ments, and the last vestiges of the unfortunate disturbance's in
> the parish were wiped out. On Nov. 30th a meeting was called
> by Father Kuenster, for the purpose of carrying out the sug-
> gestion of the missionary that an orphan society be organized, to
> provide for the many children left parentless through the rav-
> ages of the cholera, and the result of this meeting was the "St.
> Aloysius Orphan Society of St. Boniface Congregation, Quincy,
> 111." 
> In this year we find as teacher at St. Boniface a certain
> Anton Stutte who left again in April, 1856, just four weeks later
> than his assistant, George Mexal, who had come in 1853.
> In the early spring of 1852 Contractor Johannem Lichtendahl was
> engaged to complete the tower of the church, which was to rise
> 180 feet above the roof and to be surrounded at a point about
> half-way, by a gallery, each corner of which was to be set off
> with a smaller turret 9 feet high. The entire work was to cost
> $4,000.00 and to be completed in August. Almost simultaneously
> a contract was signed with the firm of George L. Hanks of Cin-
> cinnati, to furnish three bells for the tower, the largest to be
> pitched in D, the medium one in F, and the smallest in A. With
> permission of the bishop these bells were consecrated by Father
> Kuenster himself on Sunday, Dec. 19th, after which they were
> immediately hoisted to their places, from where they pealed forth
> their joyous notes for the first time to announce a "Merry
> Christmas." These are. the same bells  of St. Boniface
> however, having been recast, on account of a crack, in 1900)
> and though many rivals have appeared on the scene since then,
> they are still regarded by many as the finest, sweetest-toned
> bells in the city. Only two years more, and the sacred precincts
> of St. Boniface Church resound with the enchanting strains of a
> magnificent pipe-organ, which was completed late in 1854 and
> was played for the first time again on Christmas Day.
> .........................................Dick
>> Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 20:12:57 -0700
>> From: raybarbara(a)...
>> To: hannover-l(a)...
>> Subject: Re: [HN] Lichtendahl Family in Hannover................
>> Hello again,
>> Tell me - is that Lichtendahl family Catholic or Evangelical. There are a
>> few Catholic Lichtendahls around. I've done a lot of research in the area
>> they call Emsland which is mostly Catholic. It is close to the border of the
>> Netherlands. 
>> Barbara
>>> Hello Barbara,
>>> Actually the Holding or Hölding, Hannover came from the
>>> obituary of Catherine Maria (Henning) Lichtendahl born 22 Sep 1820. The U.S.
>>> Census records list Joannem L. Lichtendahl as being born 08 Feb 1817 in
>>> Prußia. They Emmigrated from Germany in 1850 with my Great Grandmother
>>> Cathern
>>> Maria Lichtendahl aged 5..................................Dick
>>>> Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 18:36:57 -0700
>>>> From: raybarbara(a)...
>>>> To: hannover-l(a)...
>>>> Subject: Re: [HN] Lichtendahl Family in Hannover................
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I wonder if your Lichtendahl family was actually in another area rather
>>>> than the Hölding or Holding you find. I haven't found where that town is. I
>>>> have a very detailed Autoatlas and I can't find such a town. If it is
>>>> really
>>>> small it may not be listed there.
>>>> Be sure to look at all the Lichtendahl names in the LDS pages:
>>>> Check out the the German telephone book:
>>>> There are a few towns listed with the name of Lichtendahl.
>>>> Oberhausen, Südlohn, Heiden, Düsseldorf, Lippstadt, Gelsenkirchen,
>>>> Duisburg, Dortmund.
>>>> Since the Lichtendahl name is not common, you could write or call those
>>>> people and hope they answer your questions. A friend of mine did that and
>>>> actually got dozens of answers. She then traveled there to meet her
>>>> families
>>>> later. 
>>>> I looked at the U.S. Census for the Lichtendahl name and I did not see
>>>> Hannover as a birthplace. Most were from Prussia, one Netherlands, one
>>>> Sweden, several German, but no Hannover.
>>>> This is a listing of Lichtendahls:
>>>> us=&lang=de 
>>>> You might find something there. They are from the town of Ostbevern
>>>> which is Northwest of Münster
>>>> I wish you luck!
>>>> Barbara
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> I'm trying to locate any information available on the village of
>>>>> either Holding or Hölding, Hannover. It is the place my Great Great
>>>>> Grandparents,
>>>>> Joannem L. Lichtendahl (b.08 Feb 1817) and wife Catherine Maria (Henning)
>>>>> Lichtendahl (b.22 Sep 1820) possibly lived or were born prior to
>>>>> emmigrating
>>>>> to Quincy, Illinois in 1850. My name is Richard L. Schindall. Any
>>>>> information
>>>>> would be greatly appreciated.
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