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2009/02/19 11:01:58
Rainer Dörry
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2009/02/13 23:34:36
Barbara Stewart
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Steffen Grimme
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Björn Sassenberg
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Brad Hernlem
[HN] /Bünger/ in Twielenfleth

Re: [HN] MELCHIOR (and RITZAU) spelt as pronounced)

Date: 2009/02/19 14:18:55
From: Bob Persson <bobpersson(a)...

Good question Donna, and good answer Don!

A former chairman of the Danish Club in London 
mentioned in a talk years ago some correspondence 
with the Danish tenor Lauritz MELCHIOR. I 
mentally transcribed and remember now his 
pronunciation, in Danish-English context, as: 
"Lowrds Melsher, rode a leddar, to the Danish 

My own oldest ancestral name RITZAU turns up, 
spelt as pronounced, in United States records 
variously as RITZOW and RITZO (these two 
typically in Wisconsin and Illinois, but also in 
"Low German" areas of Germany, the Netherlands, 
and Denmark), as RITSO (also in UK and 
Australia), and as RITZEAU, RITZAW, and RITZAUR, 
this last often related to surname RITZAUER, but 
either way perhaps sounded as in "Ritzawr and his 

This is not counting frequent misreadings of manuscript "u" to make RITZAN

There are some echoes of the Midwestern and Low 
German distribution of some of my RITZAU 
variants, in the LDS records of MELGER pointed to 
by Barbara. (I am not suggesting or looking for 
any family connection).

A Google search for [melger melchior] produces 
several pages decisively correlating some  MELGER 
names with MELCHIOR, including a Melcher Family 
Genealogy Forum.

I am sorry, David Müldner, that we have not helped answer your question!

Es tut mir leid, David Müldner, dass wir nicht geholfen haben,
Ihre Frage zu beantworten!

Bob Persson

Barbara Stewart wrote 13/2/09
It could go either way, I suppose. However, the LDS shows 437 names of
Melchior and 175 of Melger.

Donald Roddy wrote  13 February 2009
It's quite possible, especially if it was written by an American census
taker who might have been inclined to write the name as he THOUGHT he heard
it rather than take the time to ask..
Don Roddy

tyke wrote 13 February 2009
Can Melchior and Melger be the same name only spelled differently?

David Müldner wrote 4 February 2009
Liebe Liste ich habe folgende Daten einer Person und bin eigentlich auf der
Suche seine Lebensdaten und Name

NN MELCHIOR; 1857 und 1861 Staatsanwalt zu Iserlohn, zugleich für das
Kreisgericht in Lüdenscheid, 1866 zu Hamm (1868 Justizrath).
Quelle: KPS 1857, 1861, 1868.

mit besten Dank im voraus und freundlichen Grüssen
David Müldner


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