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Barbara Stewart
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David Muldner
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Donald Roddy
Re: [HN] German town names
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Follmer, Leon
Re: [HN] German town names
2009/02/13 10:15:41
Re: [HN] Suche Müller (Beruf)-Familie GOHDE in Dörverden, Dovemühlen (Verden), Hoppenstedt/H öppenstedt (Bergen), Kuhmühlen, Rotenburg, Sittensen, Weitzmühlen (Kirchlinteln)
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[HN] FN KLOSTERMEYER aus Buer und Osnabrück, 1 800-1880

Re: [HN] German town names

Date: 2009/02/04 12:41:32
From: Efhensel <Efhensel(a)...

Make sure the places are spelled correctly. Use _www.viamichelin_ 
(http://www.viamichelin)  for example.
Niedersachsen is the present state,  Formerly the Kingdom of Hannover.  The 
City of Hannover is the capital of Niedersachsen.
Kreis (roughly the equivalent of county) is also useful.
Most of the "hamlets" you list, are not hamlets, but towns or cities  (stadt).
Hope this helps.
Eckhard Hensel
In einer eMail vom 2009-02-03 15:57:14 Westeuropäische Normalzeit schreibt  

Could  someone clarify the proper town name order . Some are counties or 
regions or  states.
In US it would be something like this for my  home.
Counrty,  Region,      State ,     County,   Town,         Vilage             
US,       Northeast, New York, Dutchess, East Fishkill, Hopewell  Junction,  
This is what I have for the Kielhorn family in  Germany. Is this correct?
Country    Region?       State    
Germany,   Niedersachsen,  Hannover.
Hamlets    Hildesheim, Marienrode,  Oberg, Dedenhauser, Koldingen, Verden, 
I have written  bistumsarchiv(a)... for vital records of the 
Kielhorn's in  Hamlets above but they have not answered yet.
Thanks for your  Help
Howard Banney 


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