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2006/12/20 23:00:34
J b
Re: [HN] Eter
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2006/12/20 23:00:34
J b
Re: [HN] Eter
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Werner Honkomp
Re: [HN] Eter
2006/12/17 07:47:36
Cactus Flower
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Cactus Flower
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Re: [HN] Eter

Date: 2006/12/21 05:19:48
From: Cactus Flower <barbie8674(a)...

Dear Pedro,

I also noticed the surname Eter at Family Search. On a whim I tried Steven Morse easy castlegarden site search...What I noticed was the ship Richard Alsop for August 27, 1852.

Though there isn't anyone that matches your search there are persons with surname Elert, Winter and Lider....departure Antwerp on that ship.

Now the actual thought that first came to my head was that there is a PERU, Illinois..though Illinois is always stuck to my brain..:) I think aslo area in New York USA called PERU.

Now this thought came to my head because for some reason the surnames Luder and Winter seem familiar to me..but of course there are probobly thousands of people with the names Luder and Winter.

Here is not intelligent question.

How is surname Eter correctly pronouced?  Is the E a long or short sound?


P.S.  What city in PERU did you ancestor die?

Thanks to Gale, John and Hans for your answer to my message.

Hans, it is very probable that the name that I look for is Eter, because in
all the papers that I have, death, cemetery and birth of the children,
appear thus writing.

I made a search in the "family search" website and I found people with that
name, emigrants of Germany, been born more or less in those dates, and
although I did not find enything that was related to my ggmother, I found
some "Eter" born in Hannover.

In my documents the only mention is that she was from Germany, but my
grandfather told me that she was from Hannover. I know that her husband, was
from Oldenburg, maybe she was from the same region. I don't know how to
proceed. The information that I have from Peru is the only one, and now I
live in Spain.

Thanks to all of you for your help, and I will tell you more if I discover
something new.



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