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2006/12/20 00:14:04
Re: [HN] Overstette
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Doug Plowman
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2006/12/19 19:32:00
Werner Honkomp
Re: [HN] Schoole / Schoo Lingen Meppen
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Werner Honkomp
Re: [HN] Schoole / Schoo Lingen Meppen
2006/12/19 10:10:17
Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS
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Re: [HN] Schoole / Schoo Lingen Meppen

Re: [HN] Schoole / Schoo Lingen Meppen

Date: 2006/12/20 00:14:55
From: Brouwers <anmaristin(a)...

Werner,    Till now everything I have found state School, Schoole or Schole
( in the doc. of batisms, marriage and death)  but I will keep Shoo and
Schoon in mind.    When I was looking thru lds ancestoral files today  ( I
had not checked it in months so these maybe new entries, they seem to be
from one submitter)  came across a possible connection.  Henricus Bernardus
Schole mar to Anna ;  son;  Joannes Henricus Englebertus Schole born 10 Aug
1702 Meppen mar. 1725 Germany  Maria Aleyd Stolte ;  childern known   1;
Henrich Schole born 1725 Lingen mar. Amsterdam 15-11-1754 Amsterdam Cornelia
van Es ; child;  Maria Scho(o)le 1755 amster.  Engeltje 1757 amster.  2;
Barend Schole  b. 1729  Lingen  mar; 12-9-1760 Amsterdam Anna Warmaars
child;  Jacobus 1763 amster.   Barend 1765  amster. Joes 1761   and a second
family around the same time frame strating as Schole in Meppen and ending up
as Schoole in  Amsterdam  I have to work on it more but it seems this family
is connected to Henricus Schole born 1672 Selm  St. Ludgeus and the parernts
are  Jacobus Schole and Margartha Kaldewey . From the records i saw today it
seems that Lingen may be a transtory,  but Meppen had quite a lot, and so
did Selm,   where is Selm?   it looks like they were not able to see the
records for the Lingen births where as there are full dates for Meppen and
Amsterdam , they only had the year, they probably got the info from the mar.
and death cert. so it is possible that Joannes Jacobus Schoole could have
been a son of Joannes Henricus Engelbertus Schole.  only time and luck will
tell.          Anna Marie
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Subject: Re: [HN] Schoole / Schoo Lingen Meppen

Hello Anna Marie,
the name Schole or Schoole is currently not present in Meppen and Lingen.
But a lot of Schoo - may be this is the real name.
The emigration book of Lingen to America listed some Schoo, also this:

Wilhelm Friedrich Ignatz Schoo, born 28.Jul.1861 in Lingen
Schneiderlehring, emigrated 1877 via Rotterdam
Parents: Barbier Friedrich Schoo and Wilhelmine Trapmann

The oldest person:

Hermann Schoo, born 15.Aug.1790 in Brandlecht, parish Lingen
emigrated 1864 with secound wife Anna Maria Thesen

Dankern is a part fo Haren/Ems, there also Schoo and Schoon.

Good luck,
Werner Honkomp

> Barbara,   Thanks, I am happy with any info, as I have nothing for this
> area
> of Germany. As for the cenus my e-mail address is anmaristin(a)...
> I don't know that much about computers so I can't say what form to send
> it,
> I have received files as pdf (adobe reader).  I will check out the site
> you
> mentioned,    The info that I have from the archives in Groningen,
> netherlands;  my gr. gr. gr. greatgrandfather   Jan Jacob Schoole (Jacobus
> School)  was mar. 1756 and states that he is from Lingen.   godparents at
> the catholic baptism of his childern ;  Wilhelm Schole ( in his mar. in
> 1751
> Gron. states he is from Meppen in Munsterland and is a corporal in the
> companie guards of His Hoogheid the Prins of Orange and Nassau )  Hindrek
> Schoole  (in his mar in 1757 Gron (pos. 1751  hard to read)  he is  van
> Meppen, in Munsterland)     Catherina Schools   Anna Regina Schole     the
> names of the childern baptised between 1756 -1774 Gron.  Joannes
> Engelbertus;  Joannes Jacobus ( Joannes my gr. gr. greatgrandfather);
> Henricus;   Engelbertus;   Anna;   Henricus Josephus;  Bernardus Josephus;
> Henricus Aegydius ;                           Happy Holidays,  Anna Marie
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> Subject: Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS

> Anne Marie,
>      I found the name Schole in some records in Wesuwe:

> Bernardus Becker from Dankeren marriage Marie Elisabeth Schole from Meppen
> Date: 4/14/1755

> Their children:  born in Dankeren
> Joan Herman Becker birth 7/9/1756 (Mother's name is actually listed as
> Scholer this time)
> Catharina Gertrudis Becker birth 10/13/1758

>  I can't be sure that these are the same people since many names are
> repeated
>  Death record of a Marie Elisabeth Becker 3/22/1799 Dankeren
>  Death record of a Bernardus Beckers 3/5/1793 Dankeren

>  The name of the village is Dankern on maps today, but it was Dankeren in
> the records, sometimes Danckeren, etc.   I don't know if any of this
> connects with your Schole/Schoole

>    I also have some records from a census in Meppen. I don't even know
>    what
> year, but it includes dead people. Maybe a family lineage book. There are
> no
> Coopmeiners, etc. there, but a number of Schole names. If you like, I can
> send you the census privately.  It is a MSWord document, but my computer
> changes it to something I can read on my trusty Mac.

>    The Lingen family book is online Ortsfamilenbuch:

> Barbara

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