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2006/12/17 00:57:59
Gail Schrader
[HN] Church address in Germany
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Re: [HN] 184th General Hospital at WWII
2006/12/16 22:54:22
Werner Honkomp
Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS
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R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS
2006/12/17 00:20:03
Re: [HN] Klinker/Heide/Truelsen or Traulsen
Autor 2006/12/17 01:43:15
Re: [HN] 184th General Hospital at WWII

Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS

Date: 2006/12/17 01:10:28
From: Brouwers <anmaristin(a)...

Thank I will try that for Emblicheim.    Anna Marie
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From: "Werner Honkomp" <werner(a)...
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Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 10:49 PM
Subject: Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS

Hello Anna Marie,
I checked and found this:

Title Kirchenbuch, 1749
Authors Katholische Kirche Meppen (Main Author)

Notes Mikrofilm aufgenommen von Manuskripten im Bistumsarchiv, Münster.
Keine Zirkulation zu europäischen Genealogie-Forschungsstellen gestattet.
No circulation to family history centers in Europe.


Title Kirchenbuchduplikat, 1814-1822
Authors Katholische Kirche Bentheim (Grafschaft) (Main Author)

Notes Mikrofilme aufgenommen von Manuskripten im Niedersächsisches
Staatsarchiv, Osnabrück.
Civil registers and transcripts of church records for births, baptisms,
marriages, and deaths in Kreis Grafschaft Bentheim and the parishes of
Bentheim, Schuttorf, Ohne, Brandlecht, Nordhorn, Weitmarschen, Veldhausen,
Gildehaus, Neuenhaus, Ülzen, Wilsum, Emlichheim, Laar, Lage, and Arkel.

For Emlichheim/Bentheim is there not a negative notes for circulation in

Therfore you should ask your next LDS center for the catholic church in
Bentheim, Emlichheim should be included.

See also click above "Library" and then "Place

Good luck,

> Barbara,   That is the problem I am living in Holland now and also have
> access to Lds center in Beliguim.  The church records in Sauerland I know
> are filmed and I have the information. But want to see the original birth,
> marriage and death cert. to see the names of godparents and witnesses to
> help me detremine which branch of the family my foreparents are related to
> as I am stumbed in the beginning of the 1700's.   As for the Hanover area
> have not been able to find anything , and that is way I joined this group,
> my gr. grandmother was born in Emblichmein,  her last name was
> Coopmeiners,
> Copmeiners, Koopmeiners Kopmeiners and two forefathers are listed at there
> marriage in Holland in the 1700's one from Meppen, Ger. his last name was
> Schoole and the other from Lingen last name Schole.  As I still have a
> young
> child at home am not in positon to go to Osnabruck were the Catholic
> records, maybe if I lived in the northeast of Holland it would be do able
> but as I am in the very southwest it would be a 8 hour drive.   I
> appreicate
> everyone's suggestions and tips.   Thanks to all how responded.
> Anna Marie
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> From: "R&B Stewart" <raybarbara(a)...
> To: "Hannover-L" <hannover-l(a)...
> Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 9:16 PM
> Subject: Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS

> Anna Marie,

>        I think that it truly depends on where you are.  With the
>        experience
> of research on our all-Catholic, all-German family, I must say this. We
> live
> in the USA and were able to access Catholic records through the LDS in the
> Rheinland and in Westfalen areas with absolutely no problem. With Catholic
> records in Bavaria and most especially, in Hannover, there is little or no
> access to Catholic church records. We went to Wurzburg and to Osnabrück to
> do research there ourselves.  When I search for LDS records from the
> Hannover area, once in awhile I see a note, that "this film cannot be sent
> to Europe" or something like that. That probably means that the LDS was
> given permission to copy records by the church or another organization
> with
> a stipulation that they cannot be read by anybody in Germany.
>       What towns in Germany are you researching?

> Barbara

> on 12/16/06 6:08 AM, Brouwers at anmaristin(a)... wrote:

>> Thanks Werner,   but my family is catholicso I guess I am out of luck.
>> Anna Marie
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>> From: "Werner Honkomp" <werner(a)...
>> To: <hannover-l(a)...
>> Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2006 2:27 PM
>> Subject: Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS
>> What I know is, it is an instruction of the Roman Catholic church in
> Germany
>> that the church registers may not be made available in Europe. On the
> other
>> hand, the Protestant church acts is differently.
>> The lutheran church in Oldenburg district has never permitted to made
>> film
>> copy of the books.
>> In different to the lutheran church of the Osnabrück district, I believe
>> this films you can order by LDS in Europe and Germany. I could order the
>> film of Vörden by the LDS center here in Oldenburg.
>> You can check this by via place search.
>> Werner
>>> Oops little correction. We'll need to scratch Maureen's suggestion on
> this
>>> one, as the Germans will not have access to these records either at
>>> their
>>> local LDS centers (unless someone can cite differently). :: However ::
>>> somewhere in the distant past I seem to recall someone mentioning that
>>> they
>>> were able to view a whole array of films at their local LDS FHC in
>>> Wilhelmshaven. So who knows! Our German friends will need to speak up on
>>> this.
>>> Jb
>>>> From: "Maureen Shelly" <mcshelly2(a)...
>>>> To: Hannover-L(a)...
>>>> Subject: [HN] FW: Re:  19th century German censuses
>>>> Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 06:18:09 -0600
>>>> I suppose you could drive over to Aachen or Dusseldorf or some other
> close
>>>> German city where there might be a Mormon Family History Center that
> will
>>>> have access to the films that you require.  In the US, some public
>>>> libraries
>>>> can also get them for you, but I don't know if that is worldwide.
>>>> This seems to be a political problem more than anything else.  But
> getting
>>>> to Germany from your area is not so heard to do, a lot shorter than the
>>>> ride
>>>> of some US people to their closest Mormon Family History Center.  Even
> if
>>>> it
>>>> is in the same state of the US, it can be a 6-hours drive or longer
>>>> each
>>>> way!
>>>> Maureen, currently visiting near Mons, BE!
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