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2006/12/17 00:20:03
Re: [HN] Klinker/Heide/Truelsen or Traulsen
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2006/12/04 08:59:53
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[HN] Buch "Höfe- und Familiengeschichte" Ste mmen im Landkreis Rotenburg/ Wümme
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Ulrich Wendt
Re: [HN] Church address in Germany
2006/12/02 16:14:14
Fred Kattau
Re: [HN] History of Hannover and need help with occupations
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Re: [HN] AIDA help part Zwei

[HN] Church address in Germany

Date: 2006/12/17 00:57:59
From: Gail Schrader <gscout1912(a)...


Sure hope someone on the list can help me as I have hit a brick wall.  My gggrandfather - Heinrich Julius Schrader came to America in the 1850's and married in Milwaukee in 1857 before settling on a farm in Minnesota.

I know he came from the Duchy of Braunschweig and that he was an Evangelican Lutheran and that he was not the eldest son of a blacksmith and that is all I know about his life in Germany.

Can someone on the list tell me what church in the Duchy would have all the church records and what their mailing address is.  I would like to write them after the holidays.

Also I have not been able to find any church records in the LDS
library but then I am not real good at looking.  Does anyone know if there is any Lutheran records for anywhere in the Duchy of Braunschweig on microfilm? 

Thanks,  Gail Schrader