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2006/12/16 17:04:46
Re: [HN] Wallhermfechtel
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R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS
2006/12/31 23:30:47
Edith M Burk
Re: [HN] finding great-grandfather
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[HN] From the auroras
2006/12/14 23:33:16
[HN] Klinker/Hoepfner/kaufner/Hauptmann
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LadyBonita (USA)
Re: [HN] Address help - who's address in Uelzen?

[HN] From Keith Sturges to Connie Miller

Date: 2006/12/16 20:09:48
From: ksturges <ksturges(a)...

Dear Connie,

If you go into that Gedbas site again, look for Klinkers who are in towns
near the German/Danish border - (you might need an atlas!). Click on any
that are. It will take you to a page with information about that person.
In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen you will find a yellow box with
an email address of the person who posted the information. Try sending emails
to these people. If they are researching Klinkers in the same area as your
Klinkers you might just strike lucky.

Good luck in your search.


Keith Sturges
Colchester, England

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>Subject: [HN] To Keith Sturges
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>[Forwarded message on behalf of "Connie Miller"
> Keith,
> Thank you very much for all the information you sent.  I went to that
>link you sent.  I couldn't find any of my Klinkers there.
> The oldest record I have Is Johann Lorenz Klinker born ~1781.  I know
>his father is also named Johann Klinker but I don't have any dates on
> ~1867 Johannes Heinrich Klinker, his wife Catharina Maria Truelsen
>and  6 children came to the US and settled in Nebraska.  Brave
> They built a prosperous farm there and part of the barn still
>stands!!  Johannes and Maria are my gr. gr. grandparents.
> Before them I only have 2 generations back into Denmark/Germany.  So,
>really, I don't have many names to link to.
> Thanks for your help.  I hope you can get to Hannover to find more on
>your family.  If you find mine there, let me know.
> Connie
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