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2006/12/15 05:28:23
Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses -lds
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R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses
2006/12/14 06:36:58
[HN] versus (Julia Hattorff) (Barbara)
Betreff 2006/12/15 11:28:46
J b
[HN] German census guide
2006/12/14 19:40:43
Re: [HN] versus (J b)
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Re: [HN] versus (J b)

Re: [HN] versus (Julia Hattorff) (Sandra)

Date: 2006/12/15 06:21:46
From: AJHattorf <AJHattorf(a)...

Hi Sandra 
Wow, yes thats it i thank you very much. So this is Julia Hattorff married  
with a certain George W. Combs. And Julia is born about 1851 in NY, so she can  
only be a daughter of F.A. Hattorf(f) and Julia N.N. from Germany. 
This is the reason why i wanted to see the family again in the 1860 census.  
But HE is in Virginia in 1860 and were is his wife Julia with all the kids?  
still in New York or did she die having another baby after 1851???
Too many secrets. I will spend a lot of time in front of my screen staring  
at the pages of the 1860 census NY, Manhattan, Brooklyn finally the kids can be 
 in an orphenage but they should be in anyway.
I thank you very much