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2006/12/14 19:13:01
Sandra Powell
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J b
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Maureen Shelly
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2006/12/25 02:20:51
Jon Efken
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Re: [HN] Secretive

Re: [HN] Secretive

Date: 2006/12/14 19:36:17
From: JRodenburg <JRodenburg(a)...

In a message dated 12/14/2006 12:47:05 AM Central Standard Time, 
johnbrene(a)... writes:

> fficer's uniform (of which he was always proud), his meticulously kept 
> letters, pretty much their entire collection of surviving memorabilia and 
> connection to the past, put it in a large pile in the backyard, and set it 
> on fire. Even more disturbing, it was done amongst pleas from her daughter 
> and grandson (who, with misty eyes, relayed this story to me many years ago 
> when he himself was about to leave the scene) not to do so. But she was 

My mother's grandmother did exactly the same thing in Oklahoma during the 
1930's or 1940's. Although no one understood it at the time, my mother now 
believe that her grandmother was suffering from Alzheimer's. During that time period 
you were only old or senile, or both. John

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