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2006/12/14 13:41:15
J b
Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses
Datum 2006/12/14 13:59:09
J b
Re: [HN] 19th century German censuses PS
2006/12/14 18:37:21
J b
Re: [HN] versus
Betreff 2006/12/14 15:16:44
J b
Re: [HN] versus (J b)
2006/12/14 06:42:30
[HN] versus (Julia Hattorff)
Autor 2006/12/14 19:40:43
Re: [HN] versus (J b)

[HN] versus (J b)

Date: 2006/12/14 13:42:05
From: AJHattorf <AJHattorf(a)...

Hi John
Nice to hear from you. Yes at the present time i am sitting hear  headbanging 
against my beautiful new screen. lol.
This is true each provider has some datas that others dont have .... and so  
i hoped to find someone in the list who may take a look on Julia Hattorff at Very well knowing that in perhaps half a year or perhaps one  
year those datas might be suddenly available at too. But who has  
all the time of the world to sit here and wait when there are so many 
questions  about those family secrets.
I have meanwhile a pretty collection of misspellings of my name, which is  
surely not complete. Let me give you an example i have found Pauline Hattorff  
and her children in 1908 searching at Ellis Island. As i found them there they  
were misspelled as Hattarf what is close to the real name.
Now that ancestry has taken the datas from Ellis too, i wondered why i cant  
find Pauline in 1908. So i was looking exactly the date on which i found them 
at  Ellis Island and what did i found at She is misspelled as 
Pauline  Hallanf what a beautiful new version.
Ok enjoy my little horror shop this is what i really found till today at and under all those name real Hattorf(f) s are hidden:
Vn  hattore, Haltorf,  Hatorff,  Huttorf,  Hartthorff,  Hatton,  Hatterf,  
Hattoff,  Hatorf,  Hatturff,  Hatlorf,  Holtorf,  Fattore,  Hattorp,  Hattori,  
Hattory,  Hattorss,  Haltfor,  Hattery,  Hallorf,  Hatoff,  Hattorfff,  
Hatdorf,  Hallanf, Hattorg,  Hattdorf. 
So  have a nice ancestry  hunt