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2006/02/07 16:37:22
Klaus Vahlbruch
Re: [HN] Rukop, Ruhkop, Rokopp, Ru(h)kopf, etc
Datum 2006/02/07 21:28:51
Rainer Dörry
[HN] Web-Präsenz Dörry - Namens-Verzeichnis
2006/02/07 12:40:55
Re: [HN] Hannover Emigration Index
Betreff 2006/02/08 06:18:29
Dave B.
Re: [HN] Hannover Emigration Index
2006/02/06 20:26:41
R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Hannover Emigration Index
Autor 2006/02/08 04:56:22
R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Wingerberg / kl. Hamberg

Re: [HN] Hannover Emigration Index

Date: 2006/02/07 20:21:10
From: R&B Stewart <raybarbara(a)...

Here it is:
> Searching the Osnabrück, Hannover, Wolfenbüttel emigration records is done
> by going to the website:
> It is a little confusing to use, especially if you don't  know German.  On
> the first page:
> Choose one of the three locations on the bar & click Abschicken
> Go to Index  in the middle  of the  page and click
> Fill in the surname you are looking for in the box "Suchbegriff"
> Choose Personen where it says nach Ort
> Click on Suchen starten and you will get a list of persons who emigrated
> from Germany with that name.  Or you may get nothing! Try the same search on
> all 3 locations.
> Note the number on the right column. That number will direct you to the
> town later.  Click on a name that matches a person you are looking for and
> you will get a code that will be what you use to order the record.
> Finding what area the person comes from is not easy.  On the Hannover
> site, it often names a town right in the code.  For Osnabrück it is harder,
> although it sometimes names the town or part of it. Don't  presume anything
> about the town . You need to go back to the page where you first clicked on
> Index and this time click on Gliederung.
> There you will see a list of towns and if you click on the numbers on
> the left, you will get a listing of the numbers of people who emigrated from
> that area.  The numbers start with 1 and go up from there.  So if the number
> is 5 digits it will be closer to the bottom of the list. But you have to go
> to the  one that has the number in it from the right column of the page with
> the list of names. When  you find the right one, the code will match the
> code you saw earlier tied to the name you were looking  for. I know this is
> confusing.  I have explained  the process many times on this site and it
> never  is very clear!
> Then, you can order the records from one of the 3 locations.  The email
> addresses are:
> Wolfenbüttel  - poststelle(a)...
>                         (this email address may not be current.)
> You have to realize that these emigration records cover only certain
> years--and not everybody is listed there.  None of my relatives are.  You're
> lucky if you find them!!
> If you still have trouble, let me  know personally and I will try to
> help.  Several people on the list have explained that the ordering process
> is fairly easy.  They will send you the records by regular mail and then you
> send the money ( I think  even a check will  do.)  I haven't done that part.
> It is relatively inexpensive, so I hear.  In the duplication of some names,
> I would not order records until you know whether it is your ancestor. You
> can always write to the addresses given above and maybe they can help you.
> As to what kind of information can be obtained by ordering records, I am
> including a translation of the forward from the Osnabrück page that was done
> by Fred Rump. See below.
> Good luck!
> Barbara  
> Vorword
> Among the most significant social-historical phenonema of the 19th
> century was the emigration wave from German lands toward North
> America. The following directory attempts to encompass this
> emigration for the period of 1825 to 1870 for the then extant
> Landdrosteibezirk (regional administration) of Osnabrück which is
> composed out of the present Counties of Osnabrück, Emsland and
> Grafschaft Bentheim as well as the city of Osnabrück. The attempt to
> cull data out of the archive is obviously on a best effort basis and
> there is no way of knowing how many people emigrated without first
> obtaining permission. Estimates vary but illegal emigration could be
> as numerous as the legal ones.
> Under emigration this document refers not only to the 'classical' use
> of the word where emigration meant to go overseas, but also any
> migration from the Kingdom of Hannover (since 1866, the Prussian
> province of Hannover) to another European state or German state. The
> given goal of destination  may not have corresponded with the actual
> goal quoted in the documents.
> The source documents without exception were the files maintained by
> the Lower Saxon State Archives in Osnabrück.  Specifically the mid-
> level (Landdrostei) and lower level regional (Ämter, Vogteien)
> administrative districts as well as those documents held by the
> archive from the various city archives (for example, Osnabrück,
> Bramsche, Lingen, Neuenhaus & Quakenbrück).
> The schema (classification) is ordered based upon the administrative
> districts used in the second half of the 19th century by the
> Landdrostei region of Osnabrück and encompasses next to the four
> independent cities of Lingen, Melle, Osnabrück and Quakenbrück the
> various Ämter (districts) which were in turn devided up into
> Kirchspiele (parishes).  Within the parishes the emigrants are listed
> alphabetically. The source references about any individual emigrant
> are further ordered along the following schema: (1) Name and place of
> residence, (2) date of birth or age and a birthplace if other then
> the place of residence, (3) occupation, (4) name of the parents, (5)
> family members also emigrating with reference as to their
> relationship such as wife, brother, daughter, son etc., (6) religious
> affiliation, (7) goal of emigration, (8) emigrations timing,
> mentioned is the exact date but sometimes only the year an emigration
> pass, a consent agreement was issued or the year the home residence
> was vacated, (9) value of possessions, (10) comments, here follows an
> abbreviated explanation giving the reasons of emigration for example
> via references to family status or economical situations.
> Archivist Herbert Budde did the analysis of the documents. He had
> completed this task in 1982. Data entry was accomplished using
> various available labor resources. The primary destination goal of
> the emigrants leaving the area of Osnabrück was the USA with the most
> often given city destinations being: Baltimore, Cincinnati, New York
> and St. Louis. The city of Milwaukee, as well as the state of
> Wisconsin, appear noticeably seldom in the sources even though this
> area was a main destination of German emigration to America. People
> from Osnabrück also emigrated to Argentina, Australia and Brazil. One
> even finds individuals going to Chile, Cuba and the Dutch East/West
> Indies.  The Netherlands without question dominates the number of
> emigrants within the European state system. One needs to remember
> though that the often mentioned goal of Amsterdam was not necessarily
> a final destination point for the folks going there. It may well have
> been nothing but an interim stop over for people going somewhere
> overseas. The difficulties and dangers of an overseas emigration in
> the 19th century can not be overemphasized - in the beginning it was
> on sailboats and later on steamers. The most common explanation of
> the 'why' of emigration that is revealed by the documents is the hope
> for a 'better life'. By itself this indicates that the predominant
> emigration push comes from the lowest and underprivileged social
> strata of society who would dare all to achieve their goal especially
> for their children. In the emigrant records of the people from
> Osnabrück the most common occupations listed are maid, male and
> female farm servants or day laborers. We can therefore assume that
> the majority of the emigrants were landless and dependent workers in
> a largely agrarian society. On the other hand we also find many
> craftsmen and laborers. To complete the scenario there were
> sculptors, men of the cloth, gymnasts and literary types who also made their
> way overseas. 

on 2/7/06 4:40 AM, GapCreek at gapcreek(a)... wrote:

> Hullo Barbara,
> Can you tell me more about the above list.  I have family that came from
> Hannover to Australia and great-uncles that went to America.  Would I be
> able to locate how and when they left Hannover?
> Kind regards
> Marlene
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> I'll send it to you privately since it is lengthy and has been posted on
> this list several times.
> Barbara
> on 2/6/06 10:36 AM, GERALD BAILEY at gbailey(a)... wrote:
>> What is the address for this list as I have several
>> family members from germany and would like to find how
>> they got to the USA and at what time. They came from
>> Hannover Germany. The Hannover Emigration Index may
>> help find out. Thanks
>> --- pharmaxx(a)... wrote:
>>> ---- dupaix37(a)... wrote:
>>>> Here is a success story.  First, I want to thank
>>> Barbara for posting all of the information and
>>> instructions for the on-line Hannover Emigration
>>> Index.  I found my great great grandfather Heinrich
>>> WIEDEBUSCH and family on the list.  Unfortunately
>>> the archives  didn't respond to my request.
>>> Fortunately, I found an excellent researcher who
>>> goes to the Hannover area twice a year to visit her
>>> sister and do genealogy work.  She located the list
>>> which gave the name of the village, Meinbrexen, for
>>> Heinrich.  She was able then to take parts of the
>>> line back to the early 1600s.  And from that record
>>> I have the village of my great great grandmother,
>>> Louisa GIESLER--Lauenförde.  This is a line that I
>>> never thought that I would be able to locate because
>>> I only had the general locations of Hannover and
>>> Braunschweig to go by.  Than you Barbara.   Carol
>>> DuPaix
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