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2006/01/28 06:55:05
Jan Timphaus
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Re: [HN] Wortmann aus Melle-Oldendorf
2006/01/27 17:18:14
Larry Knigga, Ph.D.
[HN] Re: Wortmann aus Oldendorf amt Melle
Betreff 2006/01/26 22:39:31
Larry Knigga, Ph.D.
[HN] Wortmann aus Oldendorf amt Melle (Follow-up)
2006/01/23 04:08:00
Cactus Flower
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Autor 2006/01/29 02:55:07
Cactus Flower
Re: [HN] the name Jobst

RE: [HN] Re: Wortmann aus Oldendorf amt Melle

Date: 2006/01/28 09:39:03
From: Cactus Flower <barbie8674(a)...

Dear Larry,

Don't know if this helps...

Ran across a Franklin County biography for a Frederick Wortmann, son of Herman** and Mary Weaver Wortmann, both natives of Westphalia where they both grew up raised of family of 6 children, 3 sons, 3 daughters, the father was a farmer by occupation and died in the old country at age 55...goes on...mentions that Mary Weaver Wortmann (Frederick's mom) remarried and that husband also died in Germany then mentions that Mary came to America in 1858 and died in St. Louis at the age of 66. .

Then mentions that Frederick was born in 1862 , was educated in Germany..(born 1862 must be typo)..and came to America in 1853 ?? landing in New Orleans..menton wife (s), childrens names..Frederick was a cooper at first and then came to Franklin county and opened a storehouse..

if interested email me and I will send you the biography.

P.S. Pretty certain the name Wortmann is not that uncommon. Have also seen the name in a St. Louis City probate file for a Rudolf Veldhaus.

Though..I do think many of the Franklin County area Germans had ties to people in St. Louis as well as Indiana and Ohio..because I have noticed surnames in the St. Louis area that I suspect later settled in Missouri farmland as well as in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois..


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Subject: [HN] Re:  Wortmann aus Oldendorf amt Melle
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 07:59:40 -0800 (PST)

Dear List Members,

I want to thank you for all the suggestions that are
continuing to arrive through the list and to me

Here is an explanation offered by one of the list
members familiar with the area:

"the family-registers of the Melle area were created
between 1850 and 1875. They have listened the families
of each household, with all children and
grandchildren. It is possible that your ancestor were
not mentioned because his father died before the
register was created."

Similar registers exist for many of the Lutheran
churches of Southern Indiana for the same
era...although they usually include birthplaces.
Since my ancestor left Oldendorf years before 1850 it
may very well be that his father had died before the
creation of the local register.

That being said, I'm still searching for any leads as
to a local researcher with access to the records.  The
last time I checked the parish office in Oldendorf did
not do searches themselves.




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