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2006/01/23 23:48:24
J b
RE: [HN] Charles Loges PS
Datum 2006/01/24 00:21:10
R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Re: [HNSpeckman/Leimkuehler
2006/01/23 23:46:11
shirley greiman
[HN] POW Camp
Betreff 2006/01/24 02:54:07
Re: [HN] POW Camp
2006/01/23 23:48:24
J b
RE: [HN] Charles Loges PS
Autor 2006/01/26 00:04:12
J b
RE: [HN] Wortmann aus Melle-Oldendorf

RE: [HN] POW Camp

Date: 2006/01/23 23:55:12
From: J b <johnbrene(a)...

Any further impressions from those in the know, as our friend GS would say?

I've heard it said that these prisoners were often admired for their fitness and rugged good looks, especially by the opposite sex. Rumors I'm sure. ;)


Shirley Greiman <shirleygreiman(a)... wrote:
It was a Prisoner of war camp and I remember seeing the prisoners in the camp. As I now think about it it might have been closer to Algona, Iowa, but on the main highway Rt. 18. Was only a child then.

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