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2006/01/23 23:46:11
shirley greiman
[HN] POW Camp
Datum 2006/01/23 23:55:12
J b
RE: [HN] POW Camp
2006/01/21 21:55:44
J b
Re: [HN] Charles Loges for Betty
Betreff 2006/01/21 22:40:58
Betty Depee
[HN] checked settings
2006/01/23 22:03:27
J b
RE: [HN] Charles Loges
Autor 2006/01/23 23:55:12
J b
RE: [HN] POW Camp

RE: [HN] Charles Loges PS

Date: 2006/01/23 23:48:24
From: J b <johnbrene(a)...

In the name of completeness ~

Dietrich is actually from Old High German = diot (people) + rik (ruler). Additional forms of Dietrich include Dierk, Derk, and Dirk.

A common German variant is Dieter (Diether), again from Old High German = diot (people) + heri (army).

Theodore may seem like a bit of a reach, but it remains the closest recognized English equivalent. Theodore is also a German name in its own right.


Diederich = Dietrich = Theodore


Betty Depee <bldepee(a)... inquired:

Also, does the male name Diederich translate into an english version?

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