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2006/01/23 05:38:32
R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Surname Help
Datum 2006/01/23 05:42:37
R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Kingdom of Hannover question
2006/01/25 16:04:59
Re: [HN] Re: Jobst
Betreff 2006/01/01 19:51:33
[HN] Kiesköpp
2006/01/22 05:28:49
Jane Swan
[HN] Re: Uelzen, Lüneburg
Autor 2006/01/25 04:52:21
Jane Swan
[HN] Re: Jobst

[HN] Kielmannsegge

Date: 2006/01/23 05:42:34
From: Jane Swan <jeswansong(a)...

Hi Cheryl:  Would you like a little 'fun"  info re: Kielmannsegge?  It was the name of King George I  of England's (Elector Georg Ludwig of Hannover) favorite mistress, whose jealosy in part encouraged him to divorce and exile his wife Sophie Dorothea.
She had at least one son, perhaps more, by George and he very proudly took her and another mistress to London when he became King of England.  She was said to be very fat.  Wouldn't it be funny if you were descended from George???

Jane Swan
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