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Re: [HN] Surname Help
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R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Surname Help
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Re: [HN] Surname Help
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[HN] Surname Help
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Udo Majewski
Re: [HN] the name Jobst

Re: [HN] Surname Help

Date: 2006/01/22 21:57:20
From: TYKE <tyke60(a)...

Hello Barbara

Carl Heinrich Louis B├╝LTEMANN immigrated to the U.S. around 1876 according to the Michigan Census but he died in 1904 and left behind very little information except for a letter from his brother Eduard who lived in Hohenhameln at the time. You may be right about the Rethmar part. Sometimes we just put to many letters in when we are typing and forget to take them out.

Thank you for your help

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Hello Donna,

      There are LDS Catholic church records on microfilm:

 Kirchenbuch, 1650-1852 Katholische Kirche Hohenhameln (Kr. Peine)

      On the map, it shows two churches in Hohenhameln, so there may be a
Lutheran (Evangelical) church there as well.

     I think the name of the other town should be Rethmar.  It is near
Sehnde. These towns are northwest of Hohenhameln. (no records with the LDS)

    Did any of these people emigrate to the U.S.?