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2006/01/21 08:58:37
Cactus Flower
[HN] Namensindex der verschiedenen Grafschaftgesc hichten, die persönliche Biographien
Datum 2006/01/21 13:49:34
[HN] RE: UELZEN book
2006/01/21 04:20:20
[HN] UELZEN book
Betreff 2006/01/21 13:49:34
[HN] RE: UELZEN book
2006/01/03 01:06:59
Max Burgdorf
Re: Re: [HN] Application to emigrate
Autor 2006/01/03 00:33:37
Re: [HN] Application to emigrate

Re: [HN] UELZEN book

Date: 2006/01/21 11:00:06
From: Michele Gatica <michele_gatica(a)...


Thank you for researching and sharing this information
with the list regarding the Uelzen book.  This is a
much needed book in my genealogy library.

You and Lady Bonita helped me connect with Mr. Boe a
couple of years ago.  He provided me with ancestor
tables for my paternal grandfather's family.
Ironically, Lady Bonita and I found we share common
ancestors in the 1500 to 1600s.  Sounds like this book
will provide the siblings to our common ancestors and
hopefully resolve a question about two men who are
either my grandfather's uncles or male cousins.  

I wish you continued success in your family research.

Michele Gatica
Houston, Texas 

--- Mona <HeritageHunt(a)... wrote:

> Some time ago in this Hannover discussioin group, we
> discussed a book 
> co-authored by Dieter Boe and Heinrich Porth,
> containing records from 
> the churchbooks in the Uelzen area.
> The following is a message I received from a person
> who ordered, and 
> recently received, the book:
> --- quote ---
> "The book has arrived and it is really worth waiting
> for.  It is about 
> an inch and a quarter thick.  The binding is not so
> great but I put 
> transparent duck tape on it and now I do not have to
> worry about the 
> spine breaking. There are 484 pages of information. 
> The title is
> "Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels of
> Ebstorf"  by Heinrich 
> Porth and Dieter Boe.  In the beginning there are 67
> pages of German 
> information, pictures, graphs and maps.  The
> families start on page 68 
> through page 440. Then the index, more graphs and
> such.
> "The family section shows all children of the
> family, birth and deaths 
> if known, marriages and all pertinent info.  I can't
> believe that these 
> two men put all of this together.  Just the key
> entry must have taken 
> years.  It really is a history of all the families
> from 1627 to 1875.
> "I do research for many people who came from the
> whole area of Uelzen so 
> this will be a great help to me.  I don't know if a
> person is only 
> looking for one family how good it would be for
> them.  The cost was 
> $60.00 so you would have to decide for yourself if
> it would be worth it 
> to you."
> --- end quote ---
> Quote from an earlier message:
> --- quote ---
> The address to order the book is as follows:
> Museumsverein Uelzen
> % Mr. Uwe Harnack
> Kroge 29
> 29525 Uelzen, Germany
> The museumsverein had all exclusive rights at the
> book.  You must send a 
> cheque about 60,-dollars and he will send the book
> via ship as soon as 
> possible.  (This was written by Dieter Boe)
> --- end quote ---
> That is all the information that I have about the
> book.  I hope this is 
> helpful to any one who is interested.
> My maternal grandmother's ancestors lived in and
> around Ebstorf. I want 
> to get a copy of the book for myself, and will
> probably order one in the 
> next month or so.
> Mona
> -- 
> Mona Houser
> HeritageHunt(a)...
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