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2006/01/20 08:51:15
Erika Giftge
Re: [HN] Burgdorf
Datum 2006/01/20 11:47:29
Erika Giftge
Re: [HN] the name Jobst
2006/01/09 13:56:42
Falk Liebezeit
Antw: [HN] Kingdom of Hannover
Betreff 2006/01/02 18:27:09
Max Burgdorf
[HN] Application to emigrate
2006/01/09 13:56:42
Falk Liebezeit
Antw: [HN] Kingdom of Hannover
Autor 2006/01/03 06:46:37
[HN] Re: Application to emigrate

Antw: [HN] Kirchen in die Naehe von Ankum

Date: 2006/01/20 11:42:12
From: Falk Liebezeit <Falk.Liebezeit(a)...

Dear Mrs. Travers, 

The catholic neighbouring church parishes of Ankum are:
(in the sense of the clockhand: )
kathol. Nachbargemeinden von Ankum, im Uhrzeigersinn

Badbergen, Neuenkirchen (Amt Voerden, nowadays Neuenkirchen-Voerden or Neuenkirchen in Oldenburg), 

Out of a book, I have scanned a map showing the
churchparishes in the Osnabrueck region, 
if you are interested, I might send it as a jpg file.

Sincerely yours 

Falk Liebezeit

>>> ernest.travers(a)... 01/19 3:39  >>>
Konnen jemand sagen welche Katholiche Kirche sind in die Nahe von Ankum ausser St. Nickolaus?

My German is terrible, I know, but can anyone tell me the names of the nearest Catholic Churches to St. Nicholas in Ankum that might have records from the early 1800's?  St. Nicholas doesn's have the records I'm looking for, but I know the family was Catholic and I know they lived near Ankum or in that general region.

Vielen Dank!!

Carolyn Travers


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