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Re: [HN] Burgdorf

Date: 2006/01/20 04:56:39
From: R&B Stewart <raybarbara(a)...

Hello Max!  
        How exciting!  I hope this turns out to be the birthplace of your
Julius Burgfdorf!  Congratulations!  You have  worked so hard.  Werner
Honkamp gave you the Burgdorf names in Baddeckenstedt.  Let's hope that
there is someone there who can help you.
      Meanwhile, I'm going to be doing lots of online searches for Burgdorf
families in Baddeckenstedt.

on 1/19/06 2:11 PM, pharmaxx(a)... at pharmaxx(a)... wrote:

> Hello to All
> I just returned from a visit to my local LDS Library and the County Library. I
> may have a breakthrough in my search for Julian Wilhelm Burgdorf. The LDS
> library had in stock a roll of film for Hannover emigration for the years of
> 1834 - 1913. I found J. W. Burgdorf who emigrated from Hamburg to New Orleans
> in 1859 with the same information that I have already compiled with one
> exception - it listed the place of origin. Julius has noted on New Orleans
> records that he was from Hildeshein in Hanover. The record I just found states
> that his Place of Origin is Baddekenstadt-Hannover. The volunteer there could
> not help me locate the town on maps he had. I went to the public library and
> there on a relativley new map of Germany I found it. It appears to be a small
> village about 10-15 Kilometers SE of Hildesheim. His occupation is listed on
> the record as comms, the last letter could be an n, a, e - the type image is
> blurred. In my data he is listed as a clerk.
> I have done nothing yet to pursue my findings. I am open to suggestions.
> Church records will definitely be a direction as will be civil records. I also
> requested film that gives emigration records for Hannover for the same years,
> 1834 - 1913. This may wind up as duplication but the films have different
> order numbers. 
> I also hope to look for current telephone numbers.
> Max 
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