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2006/01/19 15:15:44
Rena McCarthy
[HN] Demel, Wilhelm Carl Louis
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2006/01/08 23:23:03
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Werner Honkomp
Re: [HN] kirche in die Nahe Ankum
2006/01/25 10:31:48
Erika Giftge
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Autor 2006/01/09 13:56:42
Falk Liebezeit
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[HN] kirche in die Nahe Ankum

Date: 2006/01/19 15:40:30
From: ernest . travers <ernest.travers(a)...

Konnen jemand sagen welche Katholiche Kirche sind in die Nahe von Ankum ausser St. Nickolaus?

My German is terrible, I know, but can anyone tell me the names of the nearest Catholic Churches to St. Nicholas in Ankum that might have records from the early 1800's?  St. Nicholas doesn's have the records I'm looking for, but I know the family was Catholic and I know they lived near Ankum or in that general region.

Vielen Dank!!
Carolyn Travers